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Comment: Simple Directions from 281 (Score 1) 44

by vluther (#21010633) Attached to: Slashdot Anniversary: San Antonio, TX, US
Directions from 281 (North or South)

1. Take the Exit for Hildebrand, go towards Incarnate Word (Broadway/Zoo)
2. Go down hildebrand until you come to the gates of the San Antonio Country Club (This is New Braunfels)
3. Turn left
4. Keep going straight until you see a CVS on your right hand side. Double Daves is right next to CVS

Things to keep in mind..

- If you see a mobil gas station on N. New Braunfels, you just missed CVS and Double Daves
- you will cross Austin Highway when on N. New Braunfels, so you'll go past the McNay museum.

+ - OpenBSD, David Maynor smacked down at BlackHat->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: The winners of the 2007 Pwnie Awards were announced during an award ceremony at the Black Hat USA security conference last night. David Maynor received the award for Most Overhyped Bug for the media frenzy surrounding the Apple Wi-Fi vulnerabilities he presented an year ago at BlackHat. The OpenBSD project received the Lamest Vendor Response award for spectacularly mishandling a remotely exploitable kernel vulnerability in their IPv6 stack. For a complete list of the winners and nominees, see the Pwnie Awards site.
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Journal: The Two Towers 2

Journal by vluther

Saw the Two Towers last night, (Opening night show). I thought it was a great movie, but I guess since everyone else before me who saw it hyped it up so much, the wow factor that was there after the 1st one wasn't there anymore. Either way.. I think Elijah Wood did a lot better job of acting in this one, than he did in FellowShip.. good for him.

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