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Blame the parents and their classmates in school. My 6 year old Daughter does have her Barbies and doll house she also has meccano, blocks, lego, working solar system models, microscope, go kart etc these items she has already learned not to talk about at school because they are not girl toys. So girls are conditioned from an early age to stick to girly subjects. I encourage my girls to do more of the boy things and make it quite clear that they can do anything unfortunately I dont see many parents doing the same

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is not always the one with the knowledge about the product but the one with the people skills to manipulate the situation to their and your advantage these people usually have a very knowledgable person beside them who has poor people skills due to their single subject focus

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by vlad30 (#46423397) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Change Tech Careers At 30?
At 43 (now 48) I took over the family business as well as keeping the IT business going family business being Construction of mainly Swimming pools I've since added seawall repair and construction while I like IT and that it is nice to sell something that people see and go WOW I love it !! at the end part of what I do can now extends to plumbing tiling carpentry concreting. and doesn't fit on a USB key.

But the point is the job is enjoyable because of the result and the people in it whether it be IT or construction or farming or whatever

If the people around you suck or if the job is a pain or pointless you will hate it. I get customers in both areas who want the near impossible and I have employees and contractors in both that are so stupid you are constantly looking for new ones (Shooting them while it may be more humane, is currently illegal) but then you have the others that make it worth it

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by vlad30 (#46085315) Attached to: World's First Multi-Color, Multi-Polymer 3D Printer Unveiled

It will also kill off the entire replacement parts industry. Cars, washing machines, fridges, etc, etc.

Not that I'm complaining, but it's not always an easy transition.

Not Likely however it may make it more efficient and able to produce parts for a longer time. It was explained once to me that when a manufacturer makes parts they estimate how many spares they will require for the future, manufacture them, then store them. The storage cost is incrementally added to each part hence why they are so expensive. 3D printing would go some way to eliminate the storage problem but it would not eliminate need for special materials used by the manufacturer or the precise specs which they could have in their own printing machine. Also when the last part is sold then your product is obsolete and no longer repairable with genuine parts. 3D printing could also make your product last longer in that parts would be available indefinitely.

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