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Comment Re:It's not about "Uber" (Score 1) 233

monopolies like taxis

Monopoly - a company or group having exclusive control over a commodity or service. Which one of the 400+ cab companies in New York has the monopoly?

Whilst 400+ companies might be a monopoly in the strict sense it is due to regulation and barriers to entry I live in another country where taxi plates could cost as much as a nice house and using your credit card in any cab would incur flat $10 surcharge even if the amount was less getting a cab meant calling a cab company who had subcontracted drivers. If you used cabs often you would learn to get the phone numbers of the drivers in your area and this let you skip quite a few surcharges - sounds like uber in a before the tech for uber existed.

Comment Re:Change the channel, Marge (Score 2) 197

so, do you sell your car when you get tired of the color or no longer like the wheels?

Maybe you should paint the car with one of the very many colors that are available and put some nice wheels on it to match. Sounds like someone doesn't like to get their hands dirty. Maybe Linus isn't for you.

Actually 99% of the population do sell or (wish they could replace) when they tire of some aspect of their car and pay mechanics to get their hands dirty, others like being weekend mechanics while others grew out of it and found other things to keep us busy

Same with computers an IT products

Comment Re: Why not stop making new shows (Score 1) 307

Also Those producers forget the rest of the world a good show may have a niche market in the USA but worldwide there are more people which may appreciate the show 280m in the USA while statistics show that 50% of the worlds population can understand english. Hollywoods stupidity and poor business sense is costing them eyeballs

Comment Re: Why not stop making new shows (Score 1) 307

Additionally very few show producers believe in their work only the money might make quickly. Consider the inventor often inventing for the sake of inventing or working day and night to solve a problem they believe in many of them won't even get or ask for financial support until they get a working prototype. A writer writing for many years on a novel they believe in. Or a programmer believing in their code making a difference

On the other hand a show though gets pitched as an idea to a TV exec with deep pockets if the exec thinks there is an audience he orders a pilot then if the pilot passes orders a series at no point has the original idea generator been taken a risk financially only going by most tv shows a few minutes thinking about what to rehash/reboot. e.g. cop show lets mismatch 2 partners and let that be the dynamic or match a male and a female and watch the story unfold just describes 95% of detective procedurals and movies.

Once the producers have to put there own money in you might find more quality and variety.

Comment Re:Same issues (Score 1, Funny) 157

reminds me of the joke about the mathematician an engineer and an accountant are all asked to add 2+2

The mathematician says 4

The engineer after using his slide rule answers 4.00000 within acceptable margin of error

the accountant says "what would you like it to be ?"

economists are just accountants with bigger numbers

Comment If you want a better fighter (Score 1) 732

you actually NEED a better fighter i.e. a war where you need a fighter plane. WW1 and WW2 rapidly advanced the war machines of the era because they were needed now a fighter is easily shot down by Surface to Air missiles. and are simply not needed Drones are far better fit for purpose these days but its not as cool to pilot drones. Now can someone remember the prototype plane that performed extremely well but was canned due to being so ugly http://www.aviastar.org/air/us... see if you can name it without hovering on the link

Comment Re:It's not the adverts in themselves (Score 1) 127

If content providers had some sort of person in charge of which ads were on there sites like tv stations and newspapers had in the early days (yes there was a time they considered their reputations) but all they care about is revenue gained and rely on automated scripts to supply appropriate ads for there site from the ad network, this however doesn't work very well. Additionally Organisations like Advertising Standards Bureau (Australia) have no reach on the web and can't enforce ads from other countries to disappear.

Additional reason for Adblock - Children I hate when my kids see an advert on internet or tv as most ads are not appropriate for them and when they inevitably click on them all sorts of crap happens to the computer coupled with the kids screaming, adblock is one thing I gratefully install.

Comment Re:the world was supposed to end years ago (Score 5, Insightful) 637

I also submit that Global warming / Climate Change has been ruined by the alarmists overstating there case rather than presenting clear and accurate statistics and claims. Note this has also made science as a whole less believable to joe public.

On the case of the article most humans have difficulty planning to the next pay cheque let alone their retirement and they don't give a crap what happens to the future after they die they are only self interested. So its not that they don't see threats they are either desensitised or simply don't care due to self interest and trying to survive to the next day

Comment Re:It doesn't matter matter who did it (Score 1) 144

Then why are we putting non-computer experts in charge of computer systems?

A fucking bag of dead kittens would appear to be sufficient.

The governments and big corps will say "but it will be really expensive to fix our problems"

Nepotism explains all the above

Yes its because the relative/friend thats hired to managed to string a few choice words they heard or read of news articles and looks the part. Expensive bit explains the large pay packet. This person would never get a job in private industry IT, who am I kidding nepotism occurs in private industry too,

The program isn't debugged until the last user is dead.