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Comment Re:I don't do "social events" (Score 1) 136

I remember an occasion back when phones were first becoming popular, when I was at a hamburger stand and there were five girls in a nearby booth. Four of them were talking on the phone, and the other was sitting looking incredibly bored. It really struck me at the time - why go out with friends and spend the time yakking on the phone?

Comment approved discussion topics (Score 3, Insightful) 141

The Central Committee has, however, approved and recommended the following:

  • How to get elected with fire bombs and terror scares.
  • How to co-govern with former-KGB and organized crime.
  • How to take territory back from former provinces.
  • How to shoot down airliners.
  • How to hate on Company of Heroes 2.

Comment Re:Diesel v ordinary - THAT would be nasty (Score 1) 123

Yes, but if you ask a BMW owner, they will tell you that in no uncertain terms: running Regular unleaded through a BMW motor destroys the engine.

(in fact, you'll probably throw a few codes as the knock sensor tells the DME to retard timing to compensate for the lower octane; which will cause the owner to take it to the dealer, who will charge them $1000 to read the harmless codes and reset them).

Comment Re:completely wrong (spoilers) (Score 1) 182

BB probably cited HF because: #1 it is VERY difficult to obtain in large quantities, at useful concentrations and #2 it is VERY difficult to handle safely, (yes, BB did specifically flag these concerns accurately in the script) and #3 is VERY easy to detect even small traces, forensically. Therefore - it's probably the WORST way to dissolve a body (even if it's fairly effective).

I'm told that this "mixture" of acids that solves all three of these problems is Muriatic Acid, commonly found at your hardware store (though it's not commercially available at sufficient strength, and needs some processing prior to use for this purpose - good luck with that).

Comment Free machines for third-world nations! (Score 3, Interesting) 65

I read recently that the Allies made a policy of not telling about the decryption until long after the war, apparently so everyone would think we won by valor rather than by cheating. But what's (perversely) funny is that the UK rounded up as many machines as they could and "donated" them to third- world countries so that they, too, could enjoy the benefits of strong encryption.

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