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Comment: Re:Welcome to the Information Age! (Score 1) 143

by jafac (#47731749) Attached to: It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

Not only is it that the guys making big bucks making decisions are horribly undereducated: they won't pay for security because that would cut into THEIR compensation (to have to pay competent engineering staff). So not only are they undereducated, they have a conflict of interest that promotes horrible engineering practices.

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by Black Parrot (#47716527) Attached to: Scientists Baffled By Unknown Source of Ozone-Depleting Chemical

Any chance to pin that on the content mafia or patent trolls? C'mon, at least ONCE such a story has to hit someone we can uniformly hate and not be controversial.

So long as you don't blame it on Tesla, Bitcoin, or Starts with a Bang, everyone here will cool with it.

Comment: Re:When did the universe get so big? (Score 2) 109

by Black Parrot (#47685135) Attached to: Why the Universe Didn't Become a Black Hole

The speed of light is a limit on how fast you can accelerate something *in* space, but it's not a limit on how fast space can expand.

In fact you can't even state the rate of expansion of space as a velocity, because the velocity apparent as the speed of recession depends on how far away you're looking.

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It has a psychological effect because ignorant economists use limited knowledge about the universe to justify austerity policies. Friedman using TANSTAAFL, for example. Except now Dark Energy violates TANSTAAFL, and it didn't hold in General Relativity anyway. So we suffer from an artificially imposed scarcity of money because economists suffer from a lack of knowledge about the universe.

That's not rigorous enough for physics, but I do believe it meets the standards for good economics.

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