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Comment: Re:What on earth (Score 1) 234

by jafac (#49306965) Attached to: No Fuel In the Fukushima Reactor #1

Anything that becomes molten will mix into the fuel and dilute it,

Not really. Anything that becomes molten, will pretty much vaporize, because Uranium melts at like 2000 F. If the Uranium is molten, everything else will boil away.

However: It's bollocks because the hole in which the uranium is burning, has fissures and crevases, and the Uranium would unevenly flow into small, tight spaces, spreading out and; ultimately diluting and cooling.

Experiments done at Argonne labs back a few years ago also suggested that the Uranium will form a cooler coating, as an outer shell. The core may remain molten, but the shell is cool enough to harden, and contain the molten core. The core may burn through the shell, but much of the mass will be left behind, as the molten part runs down into the burned-out cavity below, and the process repeats.

In any case, either of these scenarios would generate significant ongoing outgassing, and none of that has been observed at Fukushima; so it's likely the fuel melted and diffused and cooled. Just like Chernobyl.

Comment: Re:Because there's so much more of it (Score 1) 320

Also, in the Internet Age you're more likely to hear about it when someone does something crooked or foolish. I question the Ask-Slashdotter's assumption that things are getting worse.

(He actually asked the right question: why do things appear to be getting worse. But then elaborates on the assumption that the sky is actually falling.)

Comment: Re:IANAL ... (Score 1) 224

by Black Parrot (#49239441) Attached to: California Looking To Make All Bitcoin Businesses Illegal

I'm surprised the feds haven't banned it. IIRC th constitution prevents the states from creating money other than gold or silver coin; surely they won't allow individuals more leeway.

All I can figure is that it's considered more like a credit card than money. Or else the hammer just hasn't come down yet.

Comment: Re:Wired article wheel fire (Score 2) 208

Except it turned back toward Malaysia, but then turned again generally westward and followed a crooked channel out to sea, along a path that a Malaysian pilot would know isn't covered by air traffic radar, but would not know is covered by military radar.

Foul play is beyond question. The questions are who and why.

Comment: Re:Derivative work (Score 1) 356

If the video contains anything copyrighted by the Indian government or by a corporation friendly to the Indian government, then anyone hosting the video is liable for copyright infringement. Not all countries recognize fair use to the same extent.

I always wanted to copyright my name, do something outrageous, and then sue all the media that runs a story on it.

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