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Comment Re:Trust me, they will deliver... (Score 1) 83

The biggest flying aircraft was developed, tested, and manufactured in Soviet Ukraine, which became an independent state after the union went kaput. And, you should know that Ukraine is not Russia at all. Moreover I would not dare to draw conclusions similar to that you have made taking into account surface area only. First computers were developed in Ukraine, rockets (carriers) were developed in Ukraine and so on. Then, It should be also taken into account that in the nearest future there will be parliamentary elections in Russia, and a little bit later, the presidential elections (approx in 100 days from today). These great plans can be just a part of the PR. These things are used to show the Russians how mighty and powerful became Russia lead by President Putin, and how even more powerful and developed it can become with Tsar Putin the great. In any case, time will show, how honest were these plans.

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