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Submission + - Anti-Bigotry Gaming Site Defaced With Racial Slurs (

vitriolum writes: Sam Killermann launched a website dedicated to fighting bigotry in online gaming. After accruing about 1,500 signatures on a pledge to abstain from using bigoted language in online games, the site was attacked. The signatures were wiped out and the site was defaced with racial slurs and Goatse imagery. It sounds like he has a partial backup, but the continued attack is preventing his restoration attempts. Does the Slashdot community have any advice for Sam? How do you think bigotry in online gaming should be addressed?

Submission + - NIN iPhone App Update Aprroved

vitriolum writes: Trent Reznor just announced via twitter that the NIN iPhone App update has finally been approved by Apple's censors. It should be live, and available for download within a few hours.

Submission + - Final Buzz from E3 (

vitriolum writes: "If you were going to pair Microsoft with a coffee company, which one would it be? Starbucks of course. Well it's happening. Microsoft will be releasing an XBox 360-only game called Barista Barista Revolution that simulates the making of espresso and steamed milk a la Guitar Hero. Included with the $120 US price tag is an 80 pound espresso-machine-controller?! Does this sound fun to anyone? I work in the coffee business, so I can't imagine paying to pretend to make espresso when I make six to ten real shots a day for myself. Lead developer John Parker is quoted as saying, "There is literally no possible way any game could be more exciting and engaging." I'll save my money for Diablo III. Read all about it at The Naked Loon."

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