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Comment: Re:In fairness ... (Score 1) 245

by virgnarus (#47973383) Attached to: Phablet Reviews: Before and After the iPhone 6
I've found with my Note 3 with Otterbox case that I would either need to use the speaker function or have a bluetooth earpiece to call in a convenient manner. Putting the phone up to my ear is just embarrassing.

Of course, that's not what I got the Note 3 for, otherwise I would've stuck with my old dialpad phone. I got it for PDA functionality, for which it performs the task wonderfully.

Comment: Oculus Rift support (Score 2) 32

by virgnarus (#44692641) Attached to: The Game Made From NASA Satellite Data
The best thing about the game is their dedication to implement good Oculus Rift support, which is perfect for a game like this. Too many games haphazardly slap Rift support onto them and it becomes a mess trying to deal with menus designed for monitors being displayed on the Rift and other things that makes the Rift experience real poor. These devs, however, realize the obstacles with Rift support and are willing to put the extra effort into making it worthwhile.

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