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Comment: Re:Kickstarter is not an investment (Score 1) 535

by vipw (#46582731) Attached to: Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

milk piles of money

Does that sound as ridiculous to anyone else? Does the money come out of the teats in a pile already, is it extruded as a solid, or is it a liquid form that somehow someone piles?

I don't have anything intelligent to say about your post or the Oculus tragedy; I just wanted to highlight a phrase that makes me want to giggle.

Comment: Re:so why not set up shop elsewhere? (Score 1) 293

This can be fixed by requiring insurance in dangerous fields. Then insurance companies have the incentive to encourage corps to improve safety (will lead to lower premiums). Workers compensation is actually an insurance, but it's not run correctly. It doesn't really have a logical risk-to-premium and instead relies on historical results.

Many public works require bonded contractors, which also avoids the "bankruptcy solves everything" problem.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.