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Comment: Re:Is this design available for home dryers? (Score 1) 204

by vintagepc (#36856462) Attached to: Why Waste Servers' Heat?
The problem you tend to get is that hot air is _very_ humid. If you've ever watched a home reno show where the original builders f*cked up the dryer vent install, you'll know how bad the mold can get from that...You'd need some way to dehumidify the air first... and that cost would probably put you at par with running a space heater or so.

Comment: Re:Actually they didn't (Score 1) 144

by vintagepc (#33952376) Attached to: 2012 Mayan Calendar 'Doomsday' Date Might Be Wrong

That would be like looking at the summary of an article alone and declaring oneself a PhD in the matter.

You must be new here... (yes, I saw your 6-digit UID). Well targeted analogy, good sir.

This is something that ticks me off every time I see it- any documentary tends to infer that ancient peoples were stupid/less intelligent then us ("oh wow, look how they made x using only y primitive tools!") Everyone needs to realize that there is no fixed measure of intelligence, and that it is relative - these ancient groups were incredibly smart - as pointed out, the mayans with their astrological knowledge, and the middle east in the development of various mathematical things)...

That said, I don't think we need to worry about some external force bringing about the end of the world... humanity just needs to look in a mirror to see the cause.

Comment: Re:trolling trolling trolling (Score 1) 1348

by vintagepc (#33935544) Attached to: Desktop Linux Is Dead
My hat is off to you, good sir. Your post is composed entirely of WIN. That said, Desktop Linux is indeed far from dead. I've given it the "mother" test and it passes fairly well for general internet use and e-mail; the only discrepancies are with the naming/placement/sequence of various actions. Desktop linux is not dead. The MINDSET of people realizing that it is NOT Windows/OS X and not supposed to be identical in every way is what is dying. That is by far the biggest problem I hear - "it's not like Windows...". Well, DUH. If it was, it would have a $200 price tag and say Microsoft on the box, wouldn't it?

Comment: Re:Phoronix (Score 1) 370

by vintagepc (#33653684) Attached to: DX11 Coming To Linux (But Not XP)
While I"m skeptical we'll see a Linux steam client any time soon, don't forget there WERE legitimate packages and shell scripts on Steam's servers that appeared to be an early alpha-phase client. There are two conclusions here: 1) They tried it and decided to drop the project, hence the VP's statement. or, 2) It's not a priority project and possibly even a test to see how the userbase responds... so while it's not actually in the works, they may be considering it/keeping it secret.

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