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Comment: Re:Well, isn't this nice (Score 2) 961

by vinnythenose (#45527263) Attached to: Why Scott Adams Wished Death On His Dad

For the record, I believe euthanasia laws need modernized. But wishing mass deaths on people who don't share your views is just wrong.

That's not how I read what he's saying at all, but maybe I just need more coffee.

It read to me that he is saying that he wants those that voted against euthanasia to go through the experience of it being withheld when you or your family would want it. Not killing them right now, but when your time comes, hoping they get the same experience his father has.
As for the watching them bleed out, is contrary to his wish for them die a long slow death, so I take this as him saying he wishes a long slow death for them but would be willing to help them end it quickly when the time comes, but pointing out that the laws prevent him from doing so.

Comment: Re:Bike lanes... (Score 1) 947

by vinnythenose (#45226475) Attached to: How Safe Is Cycling?

"that we're spending millions of tax dollars catering to a group who a) don't follow the rules of the road and b) feel that the rules don't apply to them"

Funny, one could easily say the same thing about drivers of cars. I see law breaking multiple times on my commute to work by drivers in cars. Perhaps they should be held to the same belief that no money should be spent on infrastructure until there is 100% compliance with the laws.

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