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+ - Indian government : Too many stupid bans

Submitted by vinaychittora
vinaychittora writes: Last couple of months, Indian government is trying to censor internet, tv, movies and even standup comedy shows. Here is a list of some of the most stupid bans ever in the history.
  • The AIB Roast, which was a similar show as "Comedy Central Roast", It was broadcasted on youtube.
  • The long list of what the Censor Board thinks are cuss words, the weird part is they banned the word "lesbian".
  • Beef is banned in Maharashtra, considering the fact cow leather is allowed to use.
  • Parties in Karnataka with foreign invitees unless under police supervision.
  • India's Daughter, the BBC documentary about the brutal and notorious rape case in Delhi is banned.
  • Farewell parties in schools and colleges are banned.
  • Any TV program that discusses Hindu traditions are banned.
  • Government tried for the Internet censorship in 1998, 2003 and 2009 and Last month it happened again.
  • Cheerleaders, after parties and liquor at IPL matches are banned.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey is banned.

There are couple of more but I think it's enough to open up a debate about credibility and success of a Democracy. The science and technology are going beyond the solar system, we exploring and trying new methods, the change in the lifestyle all over the word is very rapid. Democracy works it's best by educating and training people with best practices and instruments, Not by banning things. This is not just about India but a matter of debate for all other democratic countries.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Why do mobile versions of websites suck? 4

Submitted by Kelbear
Kelbear writes: As user traffic over mobile devices grows in leaps and bounds, it's surprising to me as a layman that so many companies still have crippled and broken mobile pages in late 2013. There must be justifiable reasons for this, so: Fellow Slashdotters, can you please share the obstacles you've seen in your own companies that have delayed or defeated efforts to develop competent mobile sites? Are the issues in obtaining or maintaining compatibility driven by platform owners like Apple and Google?

+ - How Charles Dickens helped crack your LinkedIn password->

Submitted by
angry tapir
angry tapir writes: "Security expert Kevin Young and his colleagues are working to decode some 2.6 million scrambled LinkedIn passwords, part of a total of 6.1 million released earlier this week on a Russian password cracking forum. Young studies how people pick passwords and how resistant they are to cracking. Converting the hashes into their original passwords is possible using decoding tools and powerful graphics processors. But the longer and more complicated the password — using sprinklings of capital letters, numbers and symbols — the longer and harder it is to crack. What's interesting about the LinkedIn hashes is the trouble experts are having at converting the hashes to their original password. Of the 6.1 million hashes, some 3.5 million appeared to have already been cracked since those hashes have "00000" at the beginning. In order to crack them, Young and his team need more words and more word combinations for so-called brute-force attempts. They've turned to some of the world's most famous books.Young has written a program that draws passphrase strings from books such as Tale of Two Cities, War and Peace, The Call of the Wild and The Land of Oz. The program takes words from those books and creates phrases and concatenations such as "lionsandtigersandbears" and "ihavebeenchangedforgood." Both generated hits in the LinkedIn hashes."
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Alien Screenwriter Dan O'Bannon, Dead At 63 139

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the fare-thee-well-nostromo dept.
Dave Knott writes "The notable science fiction screenwriter and director Dan O'Bannon has died at the age of 63. O'Bannon's career began with a writing credit for John Carpenter's Dark Star and he went on the write many enduring science fiction and horror films such as Blue Thunder, Lifeforce, Screamers and Total Recall. He was also an occasional director, whose credits include The Return Of The Living Dead, the campy horror film that made popular the zombie chant of 'braaiiiinnnsss.' However, he will be best remembered as the writer of Alien, one of the all-time classics of both the science fiction and horror genres. O'Bannon died after a 30 year battle with Crohn's disease and is survived by his wife, Diane, and son, Adam."

Apple Counter-Sues Nokia Over Patents 137

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the fight-fire-with-more-lawyers dept.
adeelarshad82 writes "About two months ago Nokia sued Apple for infringing Nokia patents in its iPhone. The 10 patents in the lawsuit, filed in the US state of Delaware, relate to technologies fundamental for devices using GSM, UMTS and/or local area network (LAN) standards. The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption and are infringed by all Apple iPhone models shipped since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. In the latest development to the case, Apple said Friday that it had filed its own suit against Nokia, countering Nokia's claims of patent infringement with its own."

All syllogisms have three parts, therefore this is not a syllogism.