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Comment: Re:12+ (Score 1) 334 334

Considering that all the atoms in the solar system were created in a supernova, power plants are "solar" powered too. Or maybe big-bang powered, for that matter.

Technically stars that have gone supernova are not our sun and therefore not "solar". You could argue that geothermal power is solar, but nuclear power comes from other stars. The hydrogen in the sun comes from the big bang, but so does everything else, so that point is a little moot.

Comment: Curvature prior (Score 1) 506 506

Why such a strange prior? I understand that they believe that the curvature is 0, but how do they know they should drop it down so quickly? What about the rest of the prior, why does it look so strange? What would happen if they changed the prior. I'm guessing that tweaking the prior would yield greatly different universe sizes.

Comment: Re:Dump your Motorola stocks (Score 4, Interesting) 600 600

Apple has the opposite attitude. They don't say "buy elsewhere" they say "by our stuff instead because ..." and then continue with 20% truth.
Motorola's mistake is that they're telling people to "buy elsewhere" instead of just lying to everyone like Apple does.

Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.