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There is nothing so rewarding, to me, as to code and design software. Why would I stop ? Why would I suddenly let all that joy cease and become a vegetable at age 60-something ? Slowly moving, with 20 years experience as of this year, into consultancy is my preparation for the future. The retirement money I put into my European state's national retirement scheme can serve other people - I want to die in the harness.

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by vikingpower (#46667627) Attached to: Creating "Homo Minutus" — a Benchtop Human To Test Drugs
Misunderstanding. There is a Chodov that is a suburb of Karlovy Vary. I did not check that there is also a Chodov close to Prague. In fact, I am not in the least interested in Oracle. Sorry for your hurt feelings. Next time I go to Prague ( which is slightly over 3 hrs driving from here ), I'll bring you a hair from the Golem. Do you feel better now ?

+ - Dutch Railways set to facilitate suicide, Re-use of Old Locomotives->

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vikingpower (768921) writes "The Dutch Railways ( NS ), national & state railway provider of a country already (ill-)famed for its liberal-mindedness, have come up with an audacious plan to facilitate suicide. The initiative, under the moniker "Terminal:Rail", will be signposted on all major stations, where a track #13 will be reserved for the new initiative. Railway spokesman Duisenbuik was quoted as saying: "Terminal:Rail will re-commission older locomotives, as those are heavier and sport more sharp-angled parts, which comes in handy under such circumstances"."
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Rob, both you and the other slashtards here have a point. You sound credible enough in pointing out that inserting this item as an ad would go against your ( journalistic ) ethics. The other users, however, are not without a point in remarking the ad- or plug-like quality of the item. And yes, you are right: I sit here in Central Europe, reading this, and my brain cells start humming : "this might be a business opportunity.... tight-budget government agencies in eastern europe.... hmmm".

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