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by vikingpower (#48395841) Attached to: Real Steampunk Computer Brought Back To Life

I checked that in vol. 3 of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary, my proudest material possession. You are right. Up to at least the 1850s, as supported by the extensive corpus of citations in the OED, "computer" meant "a person performing computations". The first solidly documented occurrence of the word as "machine performing computations" is from 1897; from 1915 on, the word is only found in this sense, i.e. the sense of "person performing computations" has then fully disappeared, in a period of only 18 years.

Interesting. You made me discover something I did not know. Thanks.

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by vikingpower (#48393711) Attached to: Real Steampunk Computer Brought Back To Life

"Computer", actually, has the meaning: "Machine that performs computations". In that sense, this contraption truly is a computer. It probably only has a memory size of only a few bytes, in modern terms, and can only do a few FLopS also. Yet, it is a computer, in all senses of the word.

Funny. I always thought of Michelson as of one of the two guys involved in the "failed" mirror experiments that allowed A. Einstein to come up with the theory of Special Relativity. Not so, it turns out now: the guy was an accomplished engineer. How great.

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about Windows phones, anyway? The huge capital destruction operation that the Nokia takeover amounted to wasn't enough, obviously: MS needs to sink even more cash into a non-existing market: Windows phones. Ain't gonna change anytime soon. Reason : there is no fucking **innovation** going on at MS. Just marketing. Meh.

+ - Aeron - or: How to Take Distributed Logging to Extreme Perfs->

Submitted by vikingpower
vikingpower (768921) writes "After having been a contributor to the LMAX Disruptor, an extremely fast RingBuffer pattern, Martin Thompson is at it again,together with two other guys from the London High-Performance Computing scene. This time with an open-source library named Aeron, after a Celtic god. Aeron does message-passing over ( mostly ) UDP, that is: on level 4 of the OSI stack, and does it extremely well. Aeron is written in pure Java 8, and exploits that version's newly introduced lambda expressions. The ideas at the core of Aeron and of the somewhat older Disruptor pattern hail from Mechanical Sympathy, a way of designing and coding aiming to exploit the multiple caches of modern processors as much as possible. Mechanical Sympathy on Google Groups shows, by the questions and comments alone, what extreme perfs can be reached on COTS hardware, in pure Java.

Disclaimer: the author of this submission is in no way a direct stakeholder in Aeron or LMAX, just an interested user."

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For example, one of the ThinkPads with carbon casing. I speak from experience: I have one, and have been lugging it everywhere. The things simply never break ( hear identical experiences from other users ). With one new internal and one new extra battery ( goes into the CD/DVD player slot ), in low-energy mode and BlueTooth / WiFi off, you'll last for 8 - 10 hours.

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