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Comment Re:Just curious "Ting" (Score 2) 155

Ting comes close
1) 6 dollars a month per activated SIM
2) only pay for what you use (more like pay for what category you fit this month)
3) BYO phone (buy a BLU, or a nexus, or anything really.) T-mobile compatible GSM and some CDMA.
4) No extra charge for tethering your tablet. it just uses your data.

Check out their rates. I am a happy customer.
I was paying AT&T $160 for 2 phones, now I pay Ting $45 to $60 for 3 phones.

Comment Re:Do what you can to support this (Score 1) 188

Or perhaps this is just a PR stunt to get you to be more lax about encryption. The government is not happy with itself for having created the 'encrypt everything' movement. They would like you to lower your guard.
  The plan should be two fold.
    1) Support this bill
    2) Encrypt everything.

Mommy, what happens to your files when you die?