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Comment: Re:Salae logic (Score 1) 172

by vettemph (#47229869) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: PC-Based Oscilloscopes On a Microbudget?

>> Their upcoming "pro" version adds analog sampling, but it is not yet out.

The pre-order option was due to ship within 90 days
Now the website claims to ship pre-orders in July.
I've bought the standard logic 8 a month ago and can't wait for the Pro 8. I've been watching these folks almost every day. The device and interface is just to good to be true. (tested on linux and that evil/stupid windows)
  I've fix several embedded device issues in one night, the first night that this device arrived.

  I Highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about it, download the software and try it out. It will give you simulated data if you do not have an actual device connected. The simulated data can include SPI, I2C, UART, etc...

Comment: Re:Wouldn't trust Apple (Score 0, Offtopic) 194

by vettemph (#46763797) Attached to: How Apple's CarPlay Could Shore Up the Car Stereo Industry

I have the following:
$600,000 house (and appropriate decor/landscaping)
Infinity G35
Several Patents (yes, a real job)
A Wife
4 android phones
2 android tablets
3 linux workstations

I would sooner give up tech than use apple products.
I just don't 'get' the ambiguous sexuality of apple products.
(or whatever they are trying to sell besides hardware.)

I won't even go into the frivolous lawsuits.

I can afford them. I'm just not fancy enough. (and don't want to be)


Comment: Re:dangerous assumption (Score 1) 409

by vettemph (#46533589) Attached to: Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

Correct. She also fails to mention that the tax dollars will be funded with trickle down economics. The business executives are not going to contribute 10% of their own salary. The execs will make those at the bottom contribute more to health benefits to offset the spend on taxes.
  Also, as more money goes into the school system, more money gets skimmed by her union.

  On the other hand, since my wife is a teacher, I would like to see more money going into the school systems. :)

Comment: Re:A new law in not what is needed (Score 3, Interesting) 519

by vettemph (#46423891) Attached to: Massachusetts Court Says 'Upskirt' Photos Are Legal

Yes, so i'll get a 6" round pipe, 1 foot long, and attach it to my zipper, sticking straight out (maybe a slightly upward angle). I'll let my junk rest in the pipe. As long as you don't look down the pipe, you won't see my junk.
  This is the equivilent of a skirt, just at a little different angle. (most of the time, but not always).

  Also, if I hold my camera 2.5 feet off the floor, looking up, I can see up a gals skirt. That is also the same viewing angle that a two year old boy has. A woman can't go around corrupting minors and at the same time get all uppity about her fashion statement and privacy. A woman who wants the privacy needs to cover it up, and not just from a few angles. You can't have iot both ways.

  Of course, my preference is, ...uncovered.

Comment: Re:So what happens (Score 1) 253

by vettemph (#46407871) Attached to: Comcast Turning Chicago Homes Into Xfinity Hotspots

With your type of argument, a 12 oz. bottle of water would cost 7 cents at the vending machine.

Bottled Water:
Cost = 7 cents
wholesale = 30 cents
retail = (depends on location/captive audience) 1.50 to 5 dollars.

Comcasts new hotspot (ay my house) could cause loitering, may not be as secure as they hope, interferes with my usage the same as me having too many connected devices of my own. I should get to decide the fair value, and charge Comcast what ever I want. they do to me.

I've had the same voice/cable modem since I moved into my house (7 years ago). This year, the rent of the modem went up from 7 dollars to 8 dollars, per month.
The router is becoming outdated, yet they want to charge more for it even though I've payed them enough to have bought it outright.

I realize I am the sucker in this situation. I'll be switching to Verizon Fios due to that last straw. Yes, I'll still be a sucker. there is no other option.

So, this is not so much "on principle", as "fair" according to how Comcasts acts. I should be negotiating a 1 year trial where they pay me $30 a month. I'll boost that price there after as I see fit.

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