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Comment Re:Do what you can to support this (Score 1) 188 188

Or perhaps this is just a PR stunt to get you to be more lax about encryption. The government is not happy with itself for having created the 'encrypt everything' movement. They would like you to lower your guard.
  The plan should be two fold.
    1) Support this bill
    2) Encrypt everything.

Comment Re:Sony? (Score 1) 391 391

Both. I banned Apple from my house when they tried to lock down the itunes format with DRM and banned Sony when they did the root-kit / cd trojan thing. ..and Microsoft when the funded SCO (actually long before that).
  You can't just boycott until they change. These are permanent for me. There has been nothing in my house with these names for ten years or more.

"And do you think (fop that I am) that I could be the Scarlet Pumpernickel?" -- Looney Tunes, The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950, Chuck Jones)