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Comment: Not the same race (Score 2, Informative) 85

by verloren (#31745858) Attached to: Another Contender For the Land Speed Record

Bloodhound-SSC isn't trying to break the land speed record, it's trying to break 1,000mph (which will, incidentally, give it the land speed record). Clearly Eagle needs to beat Bloodhound to achieve their goal, but it doesn't really matter for what Bloodhound is doing whether Eagle succeeds or fails. Hence they're not really in the same race.


+ - G,ail On A Plane

Submitted by verloren
verloren (523497) writes "Following on from the recent announcement of Google Gears in the company's RSS Reader app, Gmail is now Gears enabled. No mention yet on the official blog, but the Reader limit of your last 2000 messages seems to apply to Gmail as well."

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