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Journal Journal: New Insect Photo Galleries 1

Finally had a bit of time last night to crop, edit and post the digital photos from my last two Insect expeditions.

One gallery features the massive Cicada Killer wasp; the other gallery shows two of my favorite photo subjects: the endangered Northeastern Shore Tiger beetle and the slightly more prevalent Puritan Tiger beetle.

Enjoy the gratutious bug pr0n! ;)


Journal Journal: Work Assignments 8

I've recently been shifted to another part of my organization. Now instead of focusing my attention on customer support (phones, tickets, etc.) and working on writing documentation during off-peak hours, I'm responsible for writing, generating web content and helping manage the back-end of web services. Although I'm swamped with assignments, I'm really happy with my job, esp. since it seems that the more I learn, the more responsibilities I'll have. Plus I'll be able to do meaningful projects during work -- and not have to scavenge time outside of work.

I've noticed something about the way I conduct my work life. Although I'm not always as productive as I'd like to be, I always take my work home w/ me, whether that means I'm constantly planning projects in my head (even at social occaisions), or writing from home. I can only think of two jobs I've held where I left my work at work -- one was a security guard position; the other involved unloading trucks.

I'm going to have to bust my ass this weekend finalizing some lengthy end-user Unix documentation. Fun assignment, but I really have to deliver.

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