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Comment: Re:So basically... (Score 3, Insightful) 459 459

by verbatim_verbose (#44740831) Attached to: How Gen Y Should Talk To Old People At Work

> language never stands still, it constantly evolves, there is no standard

Yes there is. The standard is "don't look like an idiot". This may mean different things but most people would agree that writing emails like "R U going today?" on a regular basis in a business environment would qualify.

> the world changes. deal with it

No. Anyone writing emails that can't spell out three-letter words is going to look like an idiot even in the future. Sorry, but I don't see that changing.

Comment: Re:I use a virtual card. (Score 1) 120 120

by verbatim_verbose (#30128676) Attached to: Senate To Air Findings In Web "Mystery Charge" Probe

Seriously, how can anyone on slashdot _not_ do this?

It's such a simple way to prevent these problems. My credit card companies let me set dollar limits and time limits on these virtual cards. You get to worry much less about fraud, as well as companies billing you when you no longer want them to.

Comment: Re:BeOS (Score 2, Interesting) 626 626

by verbatim_verbose (#27292185) Attached to: Windows and Linux Not Well Prepared For Multicore Chips

It may have been an axiom, but really, what did BeOS do (or want to do) that Linux doesn't do now?

The Linux OS has been scaled to thousands of CPUs. Sure, most applications don't benefit from multi-processors, but that'd be true in BeOS, too.

I'd honestly like to know if there is some design paradigm that was lost with BeOS that isn't around today.

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