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Comment: Re:First world problems. (Score 1) 610 610

Probably more than 99% of the world population doesn't like a bag of crap. So the chance of pleasing someone by leaving one in their front porch is about less than 1%.

Manure is also commercially composted and bagged and sold retail as a soil amendment

I think your numbers on the demand for bags of crap are slightly off.

Comment: Re:YES PLEASE! (Score 1) 401 401

First Contact made up for Generations and gave headroom for Insurrection and Nemesis, but all they did was run the series into the ground. They did such a poor job, I think there really was no other choice but to restart the series. "Star Trek" should have started with a lengthy apology.

It wasn't horrible. Which is more than the other three achieved.

Comment: Re:Decent comparison (Score 1) 378 378

The statement is also demonstrably untrue.

You can create a shallow clone of a git repository. There are some limitations, but if you're just interested in the latest and greatest, and are fine with some non-obvious restrictions, you are not obligated to download the entire repository.

Comment: Re:hey jerkface (Score 1) 400 400

But you're the one reading into it.

At face value, the statement clearly implies that young, married, males with children are somehow more valuable. His argument talks about going home to rest, not how skilled they are.

Disclosure: I'm a straight, single, over 30 (old) male without children (or the desire to procreate).

Comment: hey jerkface (Score 0) 400 400

don't fill your engineering department with young, single, childless males (aka brogrammers).

Leave the bigotry at home, please. this isn't the 1920s and not all of us subscribe to certain puritan notions of "family".

I would otherwise agree with the idea that "going home" to rest is better than "resting at work" (because as long as you are accessible by work, you are not fully resting and free from it).

Any programming language is at its best before it is implemented and used.