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Comment: posts have totally missed the point (Score 1) 162

by verayh (#43977913) Attached to: The Rails Girls Are Coming to a City Near You (Video)

Comments in this thread are - just - plain - sad.

For years, people in the IT world have bemoaned the fact that there aren't enough women in IT,
YET, when a bunch of women do something about it, the only thing most of /. people who can
be bothered to comment say are derogatory - either about the women or about the project overall.

WHO gives a flying rat's rear end if there are sweet looking pictures on the front page? This simply
attracts the younger generation. (Young girls are - like young boys - less intimidated by something
that appears friendly and that they relate to.) I can imagine a lot of 11-15 yo finding this appealing.
(Maybe some will be even younger, who knows?) They've also sprinkled their pages with funny
cartoons to keep them reading!

WHY in the nederworld does it matter if the programming paradigm isn't everyone's favourite?
Getting young women into the field is the desired outcome. They'll figure out for themselves
that there are other things in this area. They just need a way to get started. (And for those
retractors, yes, there will be a number of women who don't want or need this type of support.)
Like it or not, getting a foot into the door with whatever programming language that is *easy*
(how many of you started with basic? HUH?) keeps the interest level up. As the person
learns, they move onto more complex structures.

Really, for those who've posted these - you ought to hang your heads in shame. I bet a lot of
you didn't even look past the home page ...

Comment: Re:nothing new at all needed (Score 1) 717

by verayh (#41604945) Attached to: How We'll Get To 54.5 Mpg By 2025

We own a lovely 4 cylinder Renaut Grand Scenic - diesel, manual, has seven seats.
Extremely comfortable to both drive and be a passenger in.

Average consumption on highway - about 6 l/100 km == 47 MPG, though we've gotten
it down to 5l/100 km (56 MPG) (below specs) with careful driving at the sweet spot.
(Around town it's a bit more like 6.5 l/100km.) This is a 2006 model, so newer ones
will be even better in fuel economy.

There is no problem with either acceleration or towing and it's a good and safe family car.

I highly recommend this for your family. There are other models in existence too,
if you car to look around. They're just not made by GM or Ford ...

Comment: Next EU elections ... (Score 1) 403

by verayh (#39760773) Attached to: Europe Agrees To Send Airline Passenger Data To US

... the 409 parliamentarians who voted YES to this bill should be voted out of office.
(Does anyone have a list?)
That would be the ideal, though sadly, the majority of people don't
seem to care how these decisions affect them.

I stopped flying to the states ages ago. Now I will revise how often I fly within the EU.
Not sure if my job will be happy, but we can also do VC.

Comment: so, they use the toll money to upgrade the roads! (Score 1) 585

by verayh (#26861923) Attached to: Automation May Make Toll Roads More Common

Hah! I lived in the states for a number of years,
and travelled reasonably often by car across the eastern and mid west states, and often enough
on the toll roads. The state of those roads was

Oh, sorry - my mistake - those were PRIVATE toll
roads .... You really think your politicians are going to earmark Tolls for upgrading the infrastructure?

If you analyse anything, you destroy it. -- Arthur Miller