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Comment: Re:makes sense (Score 1) 609

by velsin.lionhart (#36284236) Attached to: RMS Cancels Lectures In Israel
You sir are arguing utilizing a well debunked trope. Palestinians can be antisemitic as this term is properly understood as meaning "being prejudiced against jews." Therefore it is not a "dumb" accusation. If this is due to your ignorance, than okay, now you know better, however, it is more likely that you are an apologist and for that there is no cure.

Police Called Over 11-Year-Old's Science Project 687

Posted by samzenpus
from the duck-and-cover dept.
garg0yle writes "Police in San Diego were called to investigate an 11-year-old's science project, consisting of 'a motion detector made out of an empty Gatorade bottle and some electronics,' after the vice-principal came to the conclusion that it was a bomb. Charges aren't being laid against the youth, but it's being recommended that he and his family 'get counseling.' Apparently, the student violated school policies — I'm assuming these are policies against having any kind of independent thought?"

Comment: Re:Only one question... (Score 1) 262

by El Royo (#30632034) Attached to: Google Nexus One Hands-On, Video, and Impressions
I was in the same boat myself. I was hesitant to jump aboard with the Pre. My Treo 755p dying was the impetus. I'm so glad I did. Pop over to PreCentral and see what people are talking about, check the enthusiasm of the community. There are warts, but with 8 software updates since June, Palm is knocking them out quickly. Flash should be available shortly. I plan to write my Palm predictions for 2010 soon.

Ask Blizzard About Starcraft2, Diablo III, WoW, or 520

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the have-you-fixed-the-controls-for-diablo-yet dept.
Well, Blizzcon 2009 is about to get underway (look for the big news from the keynote in a few hours) and given how fast it sold out I'm sure there are still many rabid fans interested in what Blizzard might have to say that don't want to shell out the $40 for Pay-Per-View access. So, to that end we have interviews scheduled tomorrow with the teams from Starcraft2, Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and If there is anything you wish to know about the progress or juicy details from any of these teams please leave it in the comments below. We'll try to parse through for the best questions and get you answers during our interview slots tomorrow. The usual Slashdot interview rules apply.

Nokia Leaks Phone With Full GNU/Linux Distribution 621

Posted by kdawson
from the rocket-in-your-pocket dept.
An anonymous reader writes "It is now clear why Nokia has been so slow with S60 updates: the upcoming N900 just left everything else in the dust. Unlike Google's Linux platform, Nokia is not intentionally breaking compatibility with real distros, choosing instead to bring you the unmatchable power of GNU/Linux on your phone. This is the most awesome device I have ever seen: MAP3 CPU/GPU, 3,5" 800x480 touchscreen, keyboard, Wi-Fi, HSPA, GPS; 5-MP camera, CZ lens, 32 GB storage, SD slot; X11, VT100 terminal emulator, APT package manager. Estimated price without credit: $780 (N.5800: $390, iPhone 3GS: $750). Developers should note that even though the current desktop is still GTK+, Qt will be standard across all Nokia platforms in the near future (less powerful phones will use Qt on the Symbian kernel). Users can download flashing software from Nokia, and patches can be submitted at the Maemo site."

Comment: Re:Too much control (Score 1) 213

by velsin.lionhart (#19269871) Attached to: New Copyright Alliance Formed In D.C.
"Our Constitution" - assume you mean the U.S.A. Federal Constitution. I'll bite as I will be taking the NY State Bar Exam later this summer... The Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights does not enumerate all inherent rights, it just states some of them explicitly, see IX Amendment. Expressing yourself however you chose is not listed as an inherent right, "freedom of speech" is (per 1st Amendment), and "sharing" works is not necessarily speech as understood by and interpreted by the Supreme Court of the US.

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