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Comment: Re:Let's see: (Score 1) 377

by velja27 (#38115666) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good, Useful Free Software For Gifts?

For torrents use Deluge, it might take up a little bit more RAM or not, I don't really know cause I have on average around 75-90 torrents in it.
It has all the features you need, you can browse through the files which are nicely put in folders, as you would expect (unlike on uTorrent), and all the other stuff.
Some time ago it even got a webui. So yeah try it, I've been enjoying it ever since I started using Linux.

Comment: Re:Proof Positive (Score 1) 288

by velja27 (#34570928) Attached to: Designer Arrested Over <em>Anonymous</em> Press Release
Tapanaris does not translate, at least in Serbian it doesn't and i'm sure 100%, into anything that you described. And for Bulgarian i'm not sure but i think it's also not likely. I don't know how are you able to postulate such a thing based solely on misconception how these languages sound like, and more importantly how are practical jokes done over here. It of course may be possible that this is a converged word, that is to say that only first few letters of few words were pulled out and then combined to make a sound word. If it were up to me it sounds more like Greek then anything else.

Comment: Re:Scary, scary illness (Score 1) 107

by velja27 (#33690840) Attached to: Scientists Find New Target For Alzhiemer's
Well yea those two are pretty bad, but have you heard about the mushrooms that you eat only once? It's said that you suffer in pain, hallucinating worst scenarios and such horrible things and it seems(for the one affected it probably is) like an eternity. It lasts for three days. -I don't know which mushroom it is, or if it is as described but it is IMHO the worst death

Comment: Re:the printing press (Score 1) 309

by velja27 (#33690534) Attached to: Stallman Crashes Talk, Fights 'War On Sharing'
You are right. Many times have i thought about how much more could the human race have advanced in all the fields you can think of if only there were no such things as patents, intellectual property and such bullshit that causes all innovation and creation to a screeching halt. But i think there must be a way to reward those that contribute and punish those that don't but are able to contribute(ie. not be lazy asses, but do some work that benefits their community whichever it may be).

Comment: Re:So, when... (Score 1) 324

by velja27 (#33314308) Attached to: Trojan-Infected Computer Linked To 2008 Spanair Crash
Come one we all know that Greeks made the trojan horse, and by that logic we should charge them with the responsibility of those unfourtunate people that died in that plane crash. Or even better, start a propaganda about how the maker of the trojan horse moved to somewhere in Middle East, for example Iran, and go there to ``do`` justice upon them.

Comment: In 10 years... (Score 2, Informative) 80

by velja27 (#33146010) Attached to: Gamers Beat Algorithms At Finding Protein Structures
When humans have figured out how to connect their own brains in beowulf cluster, to harness the awesome power of the human mind, 30% of world population is going to be slave to corporations that need human brain power to do their bidding in order to do whatever that they do. But that's pretty much the same as it is now. But on the other side it really could be a nice job opportunity, go to work turn your brain on to some cluster be unconscious for 8 hours and go back home.

Comment: Blue adapter :D (Score 1) 262

by velja27 (#32848966) Attached to: Where Are the Joysticks For Retro Gaming?
Well i like playing some of the old games from my psx and i use the playstation joysticks with a very cheap adapter which has ports for two joysticks(with annoying red light that shines through a blue see through plastic. If you have pair of these laying around that would be a very good substitute for original ones. I know they have served me well for my emulator needs, and as each emulator has key configuration i gather that any kind of joystick with as much buttons possible is the best one(not the one you have to bend your fingers like a freak to use all of the buttons the joystick has).

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