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Comment Re:conservatives (Score 1) 759

You could look at it like that. . . or you could look at it in terms of a great deal of democrats are elected on platforms that don't mesh with mainline Democratic ideals.

Looking at ideals of the average voter in this country, then looking at the bills being voted on, you begin to see a different picture, not one of "republicans are organized for block voting" but one of "if this democrat votes for this ridiculous bill, there is a better than good chance they won't get elected next term".

There just aren't that many Republican based bills going through Congress these days, so the pendulum has swung from middle of the road to far left. If the majority of bills are "far left" then you will have 100% of republicans opposed to them, and a few democrats as well.

Comment Re:it really is true (Score 1) 759

Sorry, this isn't insightful.

A discussion of people getting paid to write political messages is insightful, but only in context. What do you think Obama spent millions on trying to promote "grassroots" efforts while running for office?

The Ace of Spades article, while from a "close minded zombie" was actually full of facts, details, and explanation, unlike the blurb accusing every blogger of being bought off.

Comment Re:Yeah nothing works anymore (Score 2, Informative) 622

With 4 cores and 4 gigs of ram here as well, I haven't had a browser / webpage crash in about a year, and I allow flash.

Just like cars, people remember bugs more than fixes. Flash was bad in the past, but all in all, iTunes (on windows) crashes around ten times more than flash. YMMV

Comment Re:Wait for Google then... (Score 2, Insightful) 622

I disagree. I do not think that people prefer the user experience of the iphone over similar phones, most people haven't tried multiple phones. I personally think that most people would like droid just as much as the iPhone, if not more so.

The iPad comparison is not apples to oranges, it is apples to nothing. There were/are no light, small, big screened devices at bestbuy that allowed you to do email / web. For most people, the iPad is new product, and there are no competitors.

Comment Re:RTFA before commenting (Score 3, Interesting) 629

Sorry, that is how the real world works. If employee A on the assembly line isn't working as good as B, A gets fired.

Except for teachers and government employees, they get studies on the ambient noise of their rooms to see if that effects their ability to do their job.

Comment Re:*gate (Score 2, Informative) 374

1) "Bonds aren't guaranteed" - true in a philosophical sense, but it the real world, bonds are as good as it gets. As in better than stock. As in way better than a contract that the company owes someone. The major risk in bonds is sudden inflation (interest rate rise), but this is a shared problem with any transaction. Bonds are, sorry, were, good as gold. In a bankruptcy, bond owners get paid first. In your personal death example, the bond owners go to the front of the line when it comes to payouts. Above stock, well above future employee contractual benefits.

2) No. Wrong. Learn how things work please instead of just making shit up.

3)They, (and by they here I mean the president, who has NO place in a corporate reorganization/bankruptcy)"traded" for majority control. That isn't a "trade" that is a gift, or some would say a bribe. Look at corporate failures, look at Enron. Did the workers get majority control of the companies assets just because some of them had a retirement fund that wasn't going to be there? (Hint: No)

You can cry about how the poor joe union man needs his retirement all day, but please, call it what it is, wealth redistribution, (votes for money), socialism.

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