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Comment: Re:Avoid outing suspects, and other tips (Score 1) 156

And I suspect any lawyer worth his salt is going to advise you to just Stay The Fuck Away from the stuff.

If that's what your lawyer says, either follow his advice or get a 2nd opinion (and if they agree, follow the advice).

If you want to do something of such high risk so badly that you'll lawyer shop until you get the advice you want - why bother to ask a lawyer at all?

They know the law as written and as enforced (i.e. whether the local, state, and national prosecutors will be "friendly" or "hostile" to you regardless of the actual statute) better than I do.

They know the law as written, and case law, but they have fuck all way of knowing which prosecutor you'll be brought to the attention of or how he'll react.

Comment: Re:Avoid outing suspects, and other tips (Score 1) 156

If the news outlets seem to be participating in a cover up, notify other news outlets, but be careful: What looks like a "news outlet conspiracy of silence" may be because the FBI is in the middle of a sting and the feds have asked the news outlets to keep quiet until the trap is sprung.

Or the news outlets don't judge something that "links to what you think is child porn" to be newsworthy. (Which it isn't actually.) Or they lump you in with the dozens (or more) other tips from "crazies" they get on a daily basis. Or... any one of a dozen more perfectly sound reasons.

If you routinely do things in your fight against child-porn that put you at a higher risk of running across it, as some of these Anonymous guys likely are, take technical steps to reduce your risk (use a text-only browser, for instance), and have a lawyer on retainer.

See also "looks like a crazy because he claims to have found text that sounds like it might be associated with images he thinks are child porn".

Ask your lawyer what steps you need to take so when the police do come knocking it's painfully obvious to the police, the jury, and to everyone else that you are not intending to actually download or possess the stuff but sometimes it gets through your technical barriers.

And I suspect any lawyer worth his salt is going to advise you to just Stay The Fuck Away from the stuff. The only way to actually know it's there is to actually look at it - and the only way to do that is to actually download and possess it.

Comment: Re:Lack of social ability at Microsoft (Score 1) 93

One thing of note is that this particular acquisition is not DevDiv, it's Azure ML. But Azure ML is, in some ways, even more F/OSS friendly - at least I don't know anyone else in MS running Linux servers in production for user-facing services, and it's where a lot of ex-MSR guys (like, from those labs that were closed) ended up. It's also where all the Python stuff now is.

Then again, after Satya's takeover, there was a strong push from top down to stop treating open source in general and Linux in particular as pariah, in all divisions. In no uncertain language, like "we've been acting stupid about this for a while now and let competitors eat our lunch; time to catch up while we still can". The recent slew of announcements, from .NET Core officially supported on Linux, to most open MS projects migrating to GitHub, is the outcome.

FWIW, I didn't think I'd ever hear a Microsoft lawyer utter the words "GPL is actually kinda cool" while explaining to developers the company's new open source policy in his official capacity. Yet, here we are.

Long and hard? Yes. But this kind of thing makes it worth it (and also shows that, perhaps, it's not quite all that long if you go fast enough).

Comment: Re:Why oh Why (Score 1) 93

There's one other aspect to it that is obvious when you see who the people on MS side talking about this are. It is, effectively, an acquisition by the Azure ML division - the sole purpose of which is to get the "big data" people to come to Azure and pay for burning CPU cycles.

Comment: Re:Think of the children! (Score 5, Insightful) 156

by khasim (#48901777) Attached to: Anonymous Asks Activists To Fight Pedophiles In 'Operation Deatheaters'

I'm sure that they have the best of intentions. The problem is with the underlying assumption that there is some kind of conspiracy.

Once you accept that there is a conspiracy, there is no end to it.

If they were just interested in cataloguing the various cases then that could be done by scripts and Google news. If something is not getting media exposure then it is more likely to be because of lazy "journalists" than because someone is trying to bury the story.

Comment: Re:not honest (Score 1) 302

by PopeRatzo (#48901617) Attached to: Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

Please explain how universities churn out paper after paper after paper sounding the alarm on climate change in the face of the multi-trillion dollar oil/gas industry that lobbies hard against said research,

Why do you think climate change became so "controversial"? It's because it wasn't supposed to happen. That's why you have enormous butthurt on the part of the oligarchs. They just can't believe that all these scientists went off the reservation.

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