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Comment: Re:As Russian (Score 1) 251

by Hognoxious (#48669973) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

There's a reason why Eastern territories of Russia are sparsely populated. The chief reason is that it simply makes no sense to live there.

Presumably that wasn't case until fairly recently, or there'd be one hut instead of a few hundred.

Are these sparsely populated areas of Canada (which we all knew about, thanks) full of formerly thriving ghost towns? Outside of areas where there were gold rushes the answer is "no".

Did you actually read my post before replying?

Comment: Good? (Score 0, Flamebait) 243

by daveime (#48669039) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet
Especially in Glasgow of all places, if you said this to someones face, you'd get your heed caved in. What makes the Internet so special that it absolves idiots from responsibility for their words?

It's a simple enough rule of thumb, if you wouldn't say it in real life to someones face, then don't say it online behind a shield of anonymity.

Comment: Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 433

by shutdown -p now (#48668749) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

False. Your confusion lies in the fact that you believe this will do good for the Cuban people, as if somehow magically a place with no free market and a government that has historically given it's people dirt will all of a sudden benefit from these relations. This money will go to the Cuban communist regime, not the people that are suffering that need it. That is where there is truly no logic and severely detached from reality.

Even if 1% of that money gets to the people (and, pragmatically speaking, more of it will for sure), then they are going to be better off.

More importantly, if it prompts economic reforms along the lines of what most other communist countries did - the closest example here probably being Vietnam - the people are going to be vastly better off even if the authoritarian political system remains in place.

Either way, while we can only guess what will happen without sanctions, we know full well what happens with the sanctions: absolutely nothing. So what exactly is their purpose then?

Also, even if it was for revenge, would you really blame someone who feels that way?

Blame them for feeling that way, no (well, it depends on who they were before Castro; if it's one of Batista's cronies, or the members of the top ruling elite supporting him, I'd say they can suck it and go cry in a corner; I have no sympathy for people robbing others under gunpoint when they get robbed themselves in a similar fashion). But I will blame them for letting that emotion guide their political decisions, and especially for pushing the same onto others.

Oh, as for my comfy chair. I was born in a communist country. Don't try that "you rich American asshole can't understand" on me.

Comment: Re:As Russian (Score 2) 251

by Hognoxious (#48663401) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

I saw a TV program some time ago about how depopulated some parts of Eastern Russia are. There was a village that looked like it had 300 people in it; there was just an old couple.

If that's typical the Chinese could simply walk into half the country and it'd be months before anybody even noticed.

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