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Comment: Re:No, that's not the problem (Score 1) 279

by vanyel (#48142523) Attached to: Who's In Charge During the Ebola Crisis?

Some parts of public health can be handled locally, and some parts of public health can only be handled on a national or international level. They can't figure out the pattern of an epidemic based on local occurrences alone.
State health departments don't have the equipment and expertise to do a lot of things. Hospital disease laboratories are only equipped to identify infections that are common in their area. Why stock a laboratory with expensive agents that you'll never use? When hospitals get a patient with an unusual disease, they can't identify it in their own labs and they have to send the samples to the CDC.

That part I agree with - pattern analysis and research are definitely in the purview of higher levels.

You can't give somebody a responsibility without giving them the resources (financial and otherwise).

That part, however, I don't: where do you think that money comes from in the first place? It makes no sense to send money to a central location just to beg for it back (except for emergencies that overwhelm the local region). The day to day stuff should be funded locally.

Although it's a different topic, the same goes for transportation funding: it makes no sense for Portland to pay for Boston's big dig and Boston to pay for Portland's light rail, and Wyoming shouldn't have to pay for either. There's a case to be made for the reverse: helping rural areas with transportation needs, though only to a limited extent.

Comment: Re:It's job security (Score 2) 826

by vanyel (#47750931) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Nonsense. systemd doesn't make anything easier or threaten anyone's livelihood, it's just change for the sake of change (at the UI level), as are the changes to network configuration. Whatever benefits there may be to whatever changes under the covers doesn't require replacing the init.d structure, the service command or the network config file formats. System administrators have enough to do without dealing with gratuitous changes that don't buy anyone anything.

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