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Submission + - Free $150 Subscriptions for 200,000 NYT Readers (

vampire_baozi writes: Lincoln (the maker of cars, not the man) has struck a marketing deal with the NYT. While I was happy to get my email, it also raised two questions for me: how much of my information did the NYT give Lincoln to determine I was a heavy user in their target demographic (granted, the NYT knows very little beyond my browsing habits on their site, and the email came from them, so I am hoping no information changed hands), and to what extent will "sponsored" marketing deals become the norm? Can other companies sponsor subscriptions for certain demographic groups, in return for exclusive advertising rights?
On a side note, I found this sort of advertising oddly effective- after I enabled images and realized Abraham had not come from beyond the grave to gift me a subscription, I did actually look at their website while googling related news articles. Would you feel a sense of obligation to at least give them some pageviews, even if you are not immediately in the market to buy a $30k+ car?

Submission + - EMI says Copyrights more valuable than Music (

vampire_baozi writes: An article and the Economist notes that EMI is reshuffling its top management, and the new head honcho is coming with a new mission: " itself as a comprehensive rights-management company serving artists and songwriters worldwide. Rough translation: owning and exploiting the copyright to songs, rather than selling recordings of songs, is where the money’s going to be from now on." Guess this means the war is over, the lawyers won, and future battles will be very expensive.

Submission + - Chinese Skype Censorship? (

vampire_baozi writes: The Chinese version of Skype includes snooping software designed to filter messages with certain keywords (Tibet, democracy, and milk powder were mentioned). The software was apparently added by Skype's Chinese partner, Tom Online Inc. The CNN articlegoes on at length about Skype and wiretapping, but the Chinese government seems to be ahead of the FBI- why use subpoenas when you can force local partners of international corporations to do it for you?

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