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Comment: Social issue, not guns (Score 0) 520

by valnar (#45310587) Attached to: Gunman Opens Fire At LAX

The problem in the USA is a social issue, not guns. There are many more asshats in the USA now than previous decades and something needs to be done about that. Other than the occasional random shooting, most of it is gang related and confined the liberal meccas of DC, Chicago, LA, NYC, Detroit, etc. The poor and uneducated are mostly to blame, so lets fix that. Personally, a law forbidding the idolization of gangstas (be it rap music, advertising or anything else) would go much farther to fix things.

There was a period of time where kids in the rifle club took their guns on the school bus so they could go shooting after school. No big deal. Now making a gun out of your fingers and saying "pew pew" as kids play at recess gets you expelled. 'Seems this heavy handed approach isn't working. Big Brother approaches never do.

Comment: Datacenter (Score 0) 458

by valnar (#44638433) Attached to: My SSID Is...

We rent rack space in a shared datacenter and since there is no office space for companies, there is no point in running your own WiFi. However, when network admins visit their servers, it sometimes make sense to bring along an AP just for convenience sake so you can get on your network and do stuff with your laptop...temporarily of course. We leave an AP there unplugged most of the time and only plug it in when needed. When used, it's encrypted.

Well, turns out we aren't the only company with that idea. Somebody from some other company forgot to unplug their AP and it was probably was unencrypted, giving total access to their rack for all to see, not to mention that WAP! Doh.

I wasn't the person who did it, but next time I came in to the datacenter, said access point was still running with the SSID of "Encrypt-your-fucking-wireless".

Comment: It's not change, it's Windows 8 (Score 0) 283

by valnar (#44440477) Attached to: A Year of Linux Desktop At Westcliff High School

There was one point I liked about that article. If people don't like Windows 8, it has nothing to do with change. The fact is the gui for Windows 8 just plain sucks. It's counter-intuitive and makes navigation worse. Change for the sake of change does not make something better. It's interesting to hear that at that school, young and old, WinXP, Win7 and Linux all fared better than Win8. Are you listening Microsoft?

Comment: Re:good (Score 1) 536

by valnar (#43663991) Attached to: Microsoft Prepares Rethink On Windows 8

A hierarchical start menu and "All Programs" is not fluff. I live by it.

When you have dozens if not hundreds of applications on your PC, and some are seldom used, it helps to be able to browse through your installed program base when you want to do something, but can't remember the name of that one shareware app you downloaded to make it happen. You can't search if you don't know what you're specifically looking for. But when you see it..."Ah! There it is!"

Ya'll hear about the geometer who went to the beach to catch some rays and became a tangent ?