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Comment Re:Can you liberals please wake the fuck up? (Score 0) 965

You're kidding right? Why do you think we're bombing ISIS in the first place? If they didn't exist, or didn't behead people, or didn't kill people, and instead just played Bridge on Friday nights and ate pizza, we wouldn't be bombing them.

If they stopped doing what they were doing, we wouldn't attack them. You have it all backwards.

Comment Re:Capitalism and cripple-to-option (Score 0) 358

There is some value with having people who are more informed than you make SOME of the decisions. You trust that their expertise will help you. It's why 401K plans work at businesses. They've already picked 12 good mutual funds; you don't need to wade through a hundred of them.

If I had to choose between a hundred different options, in every aspect of my life, I might get overwhelmed too.

Comment Never seen it?? (Score 0) 406

I'm amused by the jerkfest I'm reading here from people "one upping" each other on how they've never watched an episode, or didn't know what it was about, or never heard of it. Plueezz. For whatever reason, it seems to make people feel superior by rising above BBT. Well, it doesn't make you seem any more enlightened - only pompous, or perhaps lacking a sense of humor.

I love the show. I think it's funny. And as a counterpoint, I couldn't stand The Office....but at least I've heard of it.

Comment Re:Public Healthcare / Mental Healthcare (Score 0) 1165

Even in the USA, decades past we didn't have this problem. It's social. Heck, back in the 50's kids would take rifles on the bus for a shooting or rifle club at high school. What changed? Simply that we breed more fuckwods these days. People aren't civil. Apparently they are in other 1st world countries.

Comment Not happy about this (Score 0) 301

I realize we're all getting a chuckle out of cheaters being outed on the Internet, but still this kinda sucks. Today it may be AshleyMadison, but what if tomorrow it's bank records? I can't say I'm happy about these hackers doing that, only for what it may mean in the future.

Comment Re:Maybe it's a sign... (Score 0) 32

I work with Cisco products all day long. Some I love, some I don't. The ASA's are long in the tooth and pretty much everybody has passed them up. Now I just use them as a glorified VPN concentrator. Traditional WiFi (Aironet WLC product line) is still the best in the biz as far as I'm concerned, but that model is being challenged by the Meraki's of the world. The CUCM VoIP products SUCK!!! From a management standpoint, it's awful. Sure, it can produce dial-tone and make a phone call after massaging the f*ck out of it, but so what? Give me Avaya any day.

Even if their switches aren't the fastest in the world, they are ubiquitous and just work. I'd rather have an old 6509E than most modern alternatives just because of what the software can do. It's not always about speed.

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