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Comment Re:Say What?! (Score 2) 228

I agree! I didn't bother reading the article because I assume it was written by a moron.

I live near woods and have to blow leaves into the woods several times during the season, or my yard would be covered by oak leaves 5 times over. My hand leaf blower gets used 20% of the time. The other 80% is with a Little Wonder push blower. It's loud as fuck, but the only thing that'll get the job done. There is no way with modern technology to make that thing quiet that I'm aware of.

Comment It's a mechanical device. Leave it alone! (Score 1) 555

I've posted this before on other threads, but basically a gun is a perfectly machined mechanical device that has worked flawlessly (in varying configurations) for a hundred years. All that is required is physics. To introduce an electronic component to it would be like adding a smart switch to a toilet. Who would want a toilet that didn't work if you forgot your decoder ring, or ID band, wearing gloves, forgot to change the battery, or the electricity went out? (Can you picture adding a UPS to a commode?)

The same argument can be made for anything from sneakers to kitchen knives to bicycles.

Comment Re:Nice! (Score 2) 492

So I can't say that certain Islamists are asshats for beheading westerners? Or call Scientologists batshit crazy? What if it's true?

It sounds like Twitter is run by some really leftist people. The inevitable problem with that is they will eventually be intolerant of everything.

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