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+ - Google Rewrites Web pages For Speed->

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CWmike writes "Google has developed a hosted service that analyzes Web pages, rewrites their code to make them perform better, and serves them up from Google servers. To use the Page Speed Service, Web publishers must sign up and point their site's DNS entry to Google. The service grabs the site's content, optimizes it for speed and delivers the pages to end users. Visitors will continue to access a site in the same way as before but could see speed enhancements of 25% to 60%, according to Google."
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+ - Live Chat during MWSF Keynote 9am P.T.->

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Chris writes "Last year, a wild party of rabid Apple fans, enthusiasts and curious joined webChattr's inaugural launch during the 2008 MWSF Steve Jobs Keynote. Leading up to 9am, both "stevenote" and "stevenotechat" rooms had up to 200 simultaneous chattrs.

In the past year, webChattr's grown as a favored chat destination and chat platform by many enthusiastic iPhone, iPod Touch and Web users, as well as site owners.

This year will be Apple's last MacWorld appearance and the keynote address will be delivered by Phil Schiller. webChattr will once again be hosting a live chat at 9am Pacific Time during the 2009 MacWorld San Francisco Keynote Address.

Those 2 chat rooms will be accessible in an interface optimized for iPhone (even slow EDGE/3G connectivity) and iPod Touch users, as well as all desktop Web Browsers. Web Site operators will also be able to include a custom-sized chat widget of the event on any web page, available thru Widgetbox."

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+ - iPhone: Apple's VoIP End-Game->

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Chris Holland
Chris Holland writes "AT&T's executives are smitten with the iPhone. They might one day abhor or embrace a tremendous opportunity presenting itself to Apple, in the form of a real-time communications infrastructure built on top of open protocols. While this article doesn't quite tackle potential power struggles between AT&T and Apple, it paints a possible convergence of events that would enable us to make free, higher-quality calls over WiFi/IP without even having to "think about it", by simply picking a Person from the Address Book, and hitting "call" ... The same way we'd make a Normal Phone Call."
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