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Comment Faraday cage + repeaters? (Score 1) 293

I wonder if a building with a built in faraday cage could use specific repeaters inside such cage to, for example, provide cell phone signal. Such repeaters exist. For example I can use the cellphone inside my city's underground subway/tube/metro. I know some kind of repeater is used because such acces has been growing gradualy station by station in the last years.

Comment Re:Also, "mostly similar"? (Score 1) 140

From TFA: "Yet, the C1’s connector does appear to be fairly compatible, as it uses the Raspberry Pi-compatible, open source WiringPi library for C/C++ or Python developers. The project notes that only pins 37, 38, and 40 are not compatible with the Pi B+, as they are dedicated for analog inputs."

Comment Re:whoosh! (Score 1) 150

No you missed your physics classes.

CIncreasing the power and repeating will make no difference whatsoever. If there is no "line of sight" then laser transmission without an optical wave guide (aka a fibre optic cable) is a none starter.

For the purposes of free air laser transmission light only travels in straight lines. That is no gravitational lensing, and no fancy ultra modern optics which basically are of no use in this scenario.

So repeat after me you idiot no line of sight no transmission.

That is true if you live in vacuum...

The athmosphere will scatter the laser light. If you keep increasing power you might detect that light even if you have no direct line of sight... or melt the planet.

Comment Get a SSD (Score 1) 577

My 8 month old Win 8.1 install is as snappy as the first day and has only decayed because my SSD has a bug. (SAMSUNG 840 EVO) I thought my install was getting slow but after a SSD refresh it is almost as snappy as the first day. Has it decayed? Most likely, but when the difference is 1 or 2 seconds at startup you hardly notice.

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