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Submission + - How to find rogue virus scanners?

valentyn writes: Next month, I will give a presentation to the Consumer Association in the Netherlands about internet safety, and I would like to present one of those fake virus scanner pages ("Your computer is at risk!" — presenting all sorts of dialogs, OK and Cancel buttons that only serve one purpose: to have you download their malware).

But, thanks to those pesky anti-malware people at Google (you ran a story about them last week: I can't find such sites anymore! I tried clicking on all my spam (cutting of the personalised parts of the URLs, of course), surfed for pr0n, tried to find hidden corners of the net, but I only found fake Rolexes and fake medicine.

Dear Slashdot, where can I find fake anti-virus-software? Preferrably with an accompanying Flash site that tells me my Ubuntu laptop is totally at risk and all my personal information is shared with 20 different, colored, viruses, because I would very much like to show the Consumer Association how these sites are, for an end user, almost indistinguishable from real, live antivirus software.

As a side note: I am afraid that the malware sites that DO show up in the comments, will instantly disappear due to the Slashdot Effect. Bonus question: how to avoid that.

(Net-neutrality-wise, it should be possible to find fake virus scanners, shouldn't it?)

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