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Comment Re:1984 reference (Score 2) 162 162

My first thought was Gabriel Syme, the titular Man Who Was Thursday. That's a novel where everyone's an anarchist, a secret policeman or both, so would have made sense as a reference.

Apparently Deus Ex makes several nods to the novel, but I've never played that game (my geek card is already winging its way to the appropriate authorities).

Comment Whither Cameron's "British Google"? (Score 3) 253 253

David Cameron talks about wanting the UK to produce its own internet giants. How can there ever be a "British Google" or the like under a system which ships off British innovators to the US when their business operates in the tricky legal grey area of international/internet boundaries? If YouTube didn't exist and were invented in Britain tomorrow, the creators would be extradited to the US post-hate, rather than allowed to develop their legitimate business. If Cameron actually wants the UK to punch above its weight on the internet, he needs to start fostering a culture of explicitly supporting British businesses and bedroom startups.

Comment Re:What exactly is Mozilla spending $100M on? (Score 1) 644 644

I believe that it's been going in the bank against the day when funding dried up and to avoid becoming reliant on external influence from any partner, current or future. I've not got a citation though, that's from vaguely recalled coverage of the Google deal being extended three years ago (not instituted as TFS mistakenly claims).

Comment Re:Users (Score 1) 76 76

Their whole strategy so far has been to blame the users: "Its not Gawkers fault your passwords are so weak."

Which is both reprehensible of them and false. Their poor choice of algorithm literally truncated my sixteen character password to an eight character one. When I logged in to change mine I did so with just the front half.

Comment Re:It's free (Score 1, Insightful) 295 295

This comment is asinine, not insightful. Companies are complaining about being unfairly ranked (as they see it) when people search for their services on Google. The companies can't "use something else" because they aren't the ones doing the googling.

Government x doesn't like Wikileaks redistributing its documents to the general public? They should use something else!

Comment Re:Why Are We Deferring to an Economic Organizatio (Score 0) 715 715

I live in Montreal. When I got married 42 years ago on Nov 10th, (A weekend), I can tell you that two days later, winter hit with a 2 foot snowfall and sub-zero weather. Winter started the 12th of November and that was the norm. Since then, on the average, winter has been arriving one day later each year. Last week, on Dec 7th, winter arrived. Snow and cold. Today (15 Dec) is the kind of weather we usually had in November. From my perspective, in the past 60 years, I have seen winter shortened by one month in the fall, and around 15 days in the spring. Living in Canada, with global warming, we will be OK as the earth warms. But the mid-west USA and elsewhere will become unbearable in summer, and the USA will experience (in my view) severe water shortages. We do have to go on the assumption that the trend is there, and to ignore it is to cause your grand-children to pay the hardship price for today's inaction.

Comment Re:Scandalous (Score 2, Interesting) 340 340

What are you talking about? Britain doesn't even have a constitution.

Claiming that Britain lacks a constitution on the basis that no-one has written it all down in one place is akin to claiming that the USA doesn't have a head of state because Obama doesn't wear a pointy gold hat.

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