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Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 25

This is a litmus test of how Democrat-style brass-knuckles the GOP wants to get. It is certainly in Her Majesty's best interest if the GOP nominee plays a Romney hand--and I certainly think Cruz's campaign tactics are in wretched taste--but it's hard to argue against all legal means necessary to keep that sociopathic priestess of Cthulhu out of the White House.

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 17

I guess you could say, in a positive sense, that the Anglo-Saxon idea of "equality before the law" is an example of "moral equivalence".
However, it is a typical perversion to say that "all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God"; therefore: pecca fortiter.
The former approach, you see, builds society. The latter, which you seem to cheerfully embrace, destroys it.
But I anticipate that you'll pat yourself on the back as a "societal transition advocate" in any case.

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 17

Two reasons to doubt this are:
(a) Draconian legal penalties
(b) General concern that betrayal of the country can be the sort of thing that might inform a Benghazi-style debacle*
I do think that Her Majesty is a pathological liar, and don't believe a godforsaken utterance of The Royal Lip, or that of any minions.

*Allow me to fall explicitly short of stating that I think there is a direct connection between Her Majesty's reckless, systemic and flagrant disregard for mortal rules, regulations, and common sense; for all such a hypothetical revelation would unleash my Shocked Face.

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