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Comment Re:Five Star (Score 1) 627

Hmm, second hand Tesla? With the original battery pack? An how much life-time will that get?
With a new battery pack and the usual up to date maintenance issues (brakes, suspensions and the likes) the car will be living a lot more than a internal combustion car. Don't know what a 2000+Kg is doing for the suspension, and how reliable is it.

Comment Re:If they said it was supported for one year (Score 1) 156

Here are two wrongs.
There is two kinds of warranties. A two years conformity warranty and at least a one year hardware product warranty. The problem is the conformity warranty. The producer warrants that the product is in conformity with the technical specs declared at sale time. In the two years interval, if some thing is not really like in the specs, the producer is liable to change the product or to pay the customer.

And this tell us that Apple lies to their customers. The product is not like in the commercial.

Comment Re:Nicely done Cristina (Score 1) 169

<quote> The socialist movement in the US owes its beginning to the horrors of capitalism. Socialism is horrible, but better than capitalism.</quote>

Probably you never found yourself to experience socialism (the Central Europe variant at least) first hand. I have. It sucks. BIIIIIG TIME!!!!

In fact, the single country where raw capitalism is "on line", in my opinion, is China. Yep, China.

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