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Comment: Re:Get rid of the point system (Score 1) 169

by uvajed_ekil (#49207861) Attached to: NBC Thinks Connected Gloves and "Bullet Time" Can Make Boxing Cool

Get rid of the point system. Have them keep going till someone gives up or gets KO'd. This simultaneously makes the sport more interesting and will cut back on the corruption.

...and the strategy, and the focus on fitness and stamina, and the length of careers, and all amateur boxing, and the health of boxers, and the frequency of fights, and the likelihood of boxing remaining legal and sanctioned. Boxing has never been street fighting, and will never become such.

Comment: Re:Hemingway spurns all of you (Score 1) 169

by uvajed_ekil (#49207837) Attached to: NBC Thinks Connected Gloves and "Bullet Time" Can Make Boxing Cool

I can't believe so many of you alleged males are dogging on boxing and other contact sports. None of these fighters/athletes are slaves, they CHOOSE the sport and the potential consequences. Go back to saving the internet now.

Bravo. While I agree wholeheartedly, I can't help but find it a bit ironic that you question the manliness of boxing detractors while purposely concealing your own fake online identity.

Comment: Re:And I care about this why? (Score 1) 169

by uvajed_ekil (#49207813) Attached to: NBC Thinks Connected Gloves and "Bullet Time" Can Make Boxing Cool

Even _interesting_ sports are not highly regarded among geeks, I'm not sure how this article was even considered "stuff that matters."

Maybe gladiators would be worth posting about, but boxing is as Neanderthal as it gets.

You care enough to type about it. And as someone whose DNA is upwards of 3% neanderthal, I am offended.

Comment: Re:Thinking? Not so much. (Score 1) 169

by uvajed_ekil (#49207795) Attached to: NBC Thinks Connected Gloves and "Bullet Time" Can Make Boxing Cool

Of course the spectators are only watching for the thinking.

Just like everybody reads Playboy for the articles.

The Playboy argument is a common one but a bad one, and I'll tell you why. If no one cared about the articles in Playboy it wouldn't exist in the form it does. There are plenty of other skin mags, most of which do not include any appreciable journalism or literary entertainment. So if Playboy's success were not largely (certainly not entirely) due to the articles, it would not exist, or at the very least would not be the clear cut most popular magazine to feature naked ladies. Of course dudes dig the boobs, but if they didn't like the articles they'd buy the competing products that feature way more nudity and little to no text.

For the record, I've never purchased a Playboy or competing mag, and I don't buy any sort of magazine anymore, because the internet. And I do like boxing for reasons other than brutality. If someone just wants to see knockouts and people getting hurt there's Youtube and a million other sites for that.

Comment: Re:Hardware doesnt really matter (Score 2) 177

by uvajed_ekil (#49008887) Attached to: The First Ubuntu Phone Is Here, With Underwhelming Hardware

As long as software is written well and it wont lag (doubt it).

Name one phone with good software and crappy hardware that I'd consider using. There isn't one. Good software doesn't make the weak screen or camera good. Processor speed may be over rated, but adequate RAM is certainly not, especially with a low-end processor.

Comment: Re:Look at the specs (Score 1) 177

by uvajed_ekil (#49008869) Attached to: The First Ubuntu Phone Is Here, With Underwhelming Hardware

Size - 4.0 inches (~61.3% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution - 480 x 800 pixels (~233 ppi pixel density)
OS - Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Chipset - Mediatek MT6572
Internal - 4 GB ROM, 512 MB RAM
CAMERA -2 MP, 1600 x 1200 pixels
BATTERY - Li-Ion 1300 mAh battery
Stand-by - Up to 432 h (2G) / Up to 384 h (3G)
The price? Less than $60.00

In what way the new Ubuntu phone can match it?

Eww, yuck.
Pros: cheap, has FM radio
Cons: every other single thing about it.
Verdict: no thanks. I don't care what you compare it to, it still stinks. This is like comparing dog shit to wolf shit.

Comment: Re:Here's why people start getting sick of "scienc (Score 2) 212

by uvajed_ekil (#49003731) Attached to: The Search For Neutrons That Leak Into Our World From Other Universes
If you aren't interested in the nature of our universe, or the possible existence of other universes that might be able to interact with ours, that's fine, but lots of us don't feel the same way. Numerous important scientific advances have come from what initially looked like useless findings, so just because you don't know right now how this might be applied to future technologies that doesn't mean it is a dead end.

Comment: Re:You'd need a universe where... (Score 2) 212

They set up the same experiment, but do NOT put the shield in place, so as to facilitate the discovery in our brane.

A universe where they are, through altruism, trying to help us out with no expectation of reward.

What a nice brane! Thanks guys!

The proposed experiment does not require an other-dimensional intelligence conducting an identical experiment, jut another universe. The neutrons would leak out of our universe and then back in, untouched.

Comment: Re:worst summary ever! (Score 2) 48

by uvajed_ekil (#49003373) Attached to: Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 Will Be Rolling-Release

the writer of the summary either did not read the Segefault article or has no clue what it says. time to read and understand

Great job correcting it then, AC. Way to bring something useful to the table.

Try harder next time, and post under your own name if you want to call someone out like that.

The tao that can be tar(1)ed is not the entire Tao. The path that can be specified is not the Full Path.