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Comment But (Score 1) 179

But Cyanogen can't even seem to get bluetooth to work properly on my 3 year-old LG Optimus G. The BT MAC address is always an incorrect value, causing major connection and audio streaming issues. I have been a big fan of CM roms for 5-6 years now, but there are too many bugs they can't seem to rectify these days for me to take them completely seriously. This is especially true if they want to do Android without Google.

Good luck to them, but dancing with the devil (and undisputed king of unresolved bugs) doesn't seem like the way to perfect Android, even if it means taking the lead away from Google. This is disappointing, to say the least.

Comment Ellen Pao is an idiot (Score 1) 892

Ellen Pao is either lying about her motivation by attempting to underpay her workforce, or perhaps she is just an idiot. When she says, "Men negotiate harder than women do and sometimes women get penalized when they do negotiate," she is first being sexist, then undermining her own credibility as a policy setter within the company. First off, it is blatantly and horribly sexist to make a ludicrous blanket comment like that when she claims to be striving for equality. To then admit that her underlings might penalize women for negotiating for themselves is an admission of failure.

That, or she is simply looking for an excuse to refuse to negotiate in good faith, thus making it easier to underpay everyone across the board (and miss out on valuable talent, of course). What a load of crap, which should not be unexpected considering this is Reddit we are discussing, I guess.

Comment Re:Get rid of the point system (Score 1) 169

Get rid of the point system. Have them keep going till someone gives up or gets KO'd. This simultaneously makes the sport more interesting and will cut back on the corruption.

...and the strategy, and the focus on fitness and stamina, and the length of careers, and all amateur boxing, and the health of boxers, and the frequency of fights, and the likelihood of boxing remaining legal and sanctioned. Boxing has never been street fighting, and will never become such.

Comment Re:Hemingway spurns all of you (Score 1) 169

I can't believe so many of you alleged males are dogging on boxing and other contact sports. None of these fighters/athletes are slaves, they CHOOSE the sport and the potential consequences. Go back to saving the internet now.

Bravo. While I agree wholeheartedly, I can't help but find it a bit ironic that you question the manliness of boxing detractors while purposely concealing your own fake online identity.

Comment Re:And I care about this why? (Score 1) 169

Even _interesting_ sports are not highly regarded among geeks, I'm not sure how this article was even considered "stuff that matters."

Maybe gladiators would be worth posting about, but boxing is as Neanderthal as it gets.

You care enough to type about it. And as someone whose DNA is upwards of 3% neanderthal, I am offended.

Comment Re:Thinking? Not so much. (Score 1) 169

Of course the spectators are only watching for the thinking.

Just like everybody reads Playboy for the articles.

The Playboy argument is a common one but a bad one, and I'll tell you why. If no one cared about the articles in Playboy it wouldn't exist in the form it does. There are plenty of other skin mags, most of which do not include any appreciable journalism or literary entertainment. So if Playboy's success were not largely (certainly not entirely) due to the articles, it would not exist, or at the very least would not be the clear cut most popular magazine to feature naked ladies. Of course dudes dig the boobs, but if they didn't like the articles they'd buy the competing products that feature way more nudity and little to no text.

For the record, I've never purchased a Playboy or competing mag, and I don't buy any sort of magazine anymore, because the internet. And I do like boxing for reasons other than brutality. If someone just wants to see knockouts and people getting hurt there's Youtube and a million other sites for that.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 169

You realize that boxing isn't some new concept, right?

Of course it isn't, but in ancient times most men didn't live long enough to worry about anything like Parkinson's.

As already pointed out above, boxing does not cause Parkinson's disease, so please come up with a better argument.

Comment Re:Hardware doesnt really matter (Score 2) 177

As long as software is written well and it wont lag (doubt it).

Name one phone with good software and crappy hardware that I'd consider using. There isn't one. Good software doesn't make the weak screen or camera good. Processor speed may be over rated, but adequate RAM is certainly not, especially with a low-end processor.

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