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+ - iMessage DoS Attack->

Submitted by utkonos
utkonos (2104836) writes ""Here's the good news: Performing a denial-of-service attack on a person's iMessage account doesn't seem to be a widespread issue at this point. The bad news, however, is that it's certainly possible. Just ask some of the iOS developers who, for reasons unknown, have had their iMessage apps spammed with messages and notifications as of late.""
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+ - FreeBSD X->

Submitted by utkonos
utkonos (2104836) writes ""The infamous AT&T/BSD lawsuits caused FreeBSD to jettison two-thirds of its codebase and start over from scratch, knocking its feature-set back several years, causing it to be bought out and divested by hopeful investors and only reaching robustness with code infusions from two commercial unix systems, BSD/OS and Mac OS X.""
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+ - South Park Mocks Internet Memes->

Submitted by utkonos
utkonos (2104836) writes ""Last night's episode of South Park centered around all the fleeting internet memes that make up a part of our collective cultural dialogue these days, however sadly. The episode begins with the boys attempting to get a photo of Cartman "Faith Hilling" (making pretend boobies with your shirt) at a Republican debate, only to have Newt Gingrich call them out the next day in the press for being "so 2000-late" and "pretty stale...""
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+ - D.C. Police To Encrypt Radio Communications-> 1

Submitted by utkonos
utkonos (2104836) writes "After decades of use, D.C.’s police scanners are about to go silent. Next month, the Metropolitan Police Department will start encrypting its radio communications.

With its constant crackle of police codes, the scanner has long provided the background music in many local newsrooms, as well as countless hours of chatter for hobbyists known as scanner junkies."

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+ - Bing More Effective Than Google->

Submitted by utkonos
utkonos (2104836) writes "Information Week reports that Bing is more effective than Google. "While Google may control the lion's share of the search market, queries made through Microsoft's Bing search engine lead users to click on a Web page at a significantly higher rate than queries made through Google, according to data released Thursday.""
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