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Comment Re:Who is really financing this? (Score 1) 110

Furthermore building manufacturing plants in the middle of the desert is nuts. Sure you can get some solar power but it just stretches already thin water resources even further.

Nevada doesn't have an *water* problem, they contribute more water to the Colorado river than they take out of it. Their problem is that California, which is totally overpopulated and drought stricken, desperately needs Nevada's water, and lobbies the Feds to get Nevada to use less of the river. What Nevada has is a *political influence* problem. Maybe this Chinese guy can help with that ;)

Also, Las Vegas is powered by the Hoover dam. The worst place you could put this factory is in one of the cold climate states, where the power would almost certainly come from coal.

Comment Trump is popular because people are smart (Score 1) 608

Trump is popular exactly because of these bullshit attacks. He's popular because Americans are *just* smart enough to see through attacks like this one, and feel the need to defend him. He's like Oliver North and Hillary Clinton squared. They get attacked unfairly, and people rush to their defense.

"Trump Obliquely backs a database of muslims"

Yeah, for extremely false values of "Obliquely".

A reporter mentioned a database, and Trump said something other than "go fuck yourself", so that's a "tacit" endorsement of a database. In languages where "tacit" means "not".

Full disclosure: I'm a liberal who gives money to Democrats. I'm just sick of people giving Trump oxygen by attacking him unfairly. If you can't figure out a way to attack him fairly, your'e really, really. really. really. really, really, not trying.

Comment Re:Liberals (Score 1) 585

Picketing. Walking around with a sign that says "This work site is unsafe!" or "This employer is shipping jobs overseas!" is pretty much the very definition and spirit of free speech. But you introduce a bill to restrict, curtail, or shut down picketing, and every single republican in the country will support it.

They are not the party of freedom, or liberty, or America or whatever they like to say. They are the anti-labor party. That's their actual thing. All the other issues are a side-show.

Comment Actually much sooner (Score 1) 298

We will definitely be off fossil fuel by 2100, because we will be out of coal in 23 years out of oil in 50 years and out of natural gas in 87 at the current rate (much faster assuming consumption goes up when we run out of oil and coal)

The world is going to become a very different place, in our lifetime. OK so we all have electric cars, but how do you travel to Europe without oil ? In an electric plane ? A battery powered boat ?

Comment Re:Debunking the debunker (Score 3, Funny) 172

Even worse, if you watch their promo video - Dave mentions this at the end of his vblog - it goes actually says:

Did you know that every dead battery you've every thrown away had only used up to 20% of battery life.

That's an out and out lie.

Not true. According to E=MC^2, a single AA battery contains 0.023 kg * c^2 = 2x10^15 Joules of energy. When have you ever used more than 20% of that!!?!?!

Comment Re:ok but (Score 1) 409

I believe that JustNiz is the slashdot handle of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. After a long hard day of writing a majority decision protecting our 4th Amendment rights, she decided to relax by reading some good 'ol nerdy slashdot stories.

Unfortunately instead of escape, she ran into this story, which understandably griefed her a bit. Now she has to put up with your meany comments about her not caring about rights.

Submission + - Visual Studio 2015 Can Target Linux

jones_supa writes: Phoronix has noticed that the Visual Studio 2015 product page mentions that the new IDE can target Linux out of the box. Specifically the page says "Build for iOS, Android, Windows devices, Windows Server or Linux". What this actually means is not completely certain at this point, but it certainly laces nicely with the company opening up the .NET Framework.

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