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Comment: Re:ok but (Score 1) 409

I believe that JustNiz is the slashdot handle of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. After a long hard day of writing a majority decision protecting our 4th Amendment rights, she decided to relax by reading some good 'ol nerdy slashdot stories.

Unfortunately instead of escape, she ran into this story, which understandably griefed her a bit. Now she has to put up with your meany comments about her not caring about rights.

+ - Visual Studio 2015 Can Target Linux

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa writes: Phoronix has noticed that the Visual Studio 2015 product page mentions that the new IDE can target Linux out of the box. Specifically the page says "Build for iOS, Android, Windows devices, Windows Server or Linux". What this actually means is not completely certain at this point, but it certainly laces nicely with the company opening up the .NET Framework.

Comment: Re:Why not just raise taxes on the rich? (Score 1) 623

by utahjazz (#36165274) Attached to: Jeff Bezos Calls Sales Tax Requirements On Amazon Unconstitutional

I would say I'm amazed at the economic illiteracy of /.'ers

That quote really ties your post together. Most people are able to see right through the bullshit statistics you cite. I would have assumed all /.'ers would see right through them. You, however, have let yourself be totally manipulated by them. But, the best part is that you believe that others disagree because they are not as informed as you.

Classic. Really classic.

Comment: When are they going to cripple my iPad 1? (Score 5, Insightful) 1118

by utahjazz (#35360294) Attached to: IPad 2 33% Thinner, 2x Faster, iOS 4.3

I really dig my iPad, and have no reason to get this new one.

Except..Apple is going to make me download the new OS, making my iPad 1 slow to a crawl. Just like they did to my iPhone 3G.

Yes I know I could never update. But, that doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to ask your customers to do.

Comment: Re:Wait, carbon trading wasn't a scam to BEGIN wit (Score 2) 228

by utahjazz (#34944008) Attached to: Carbon Trading Halted After EU Exchange Is Hacked

Now make the same argument about gasoline:

Companies should not be permitted to purchase gasoline from other companies that have it. Those companies that use less than their government alloted ration are in compliance. Those companies who use more gasoline are fined. You either follow the law or you don't. Commerce is a farce. If we allow commerce to happen, next people will be using it to buy and sell illicit drugs.

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