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Comment Re:Masses (Score 1) 150

I've noticed the TSA getting lampooned a lot (e.g. "Cat people, dog people" "We all look the same way nude." "Good point") -- and have seen some less than flattering portrayals of Fatherland^W Homeland Security on popular TV. Now this could be all part of a Hollywood conspiracy to let the hoi polloi blow off some steam with comedy, but it could also be a reflection of public opinion tilting against the insidious creeping fascism that threatens to blanket us in the absence of popular resistance.

Comment Re:Downside to Prime (Score 1) 218

Duh moment for me -- you meant that the 90 day clock would have run out on the Prime membership charge. That's true. And I assume there's a choice of law in the Amazon terms that means I couldn't sue them in a local court, but I guarantee I would find some way of either getting a pro rata refund or making them wish they had given me one.

Comment Re:Downside to Prime (Score 1) 218

I'm acquainted with the limit -- had a problem with eBay/Paypal (pre-merger) some time ago and when it became apparent that PayPal's "dispute resolution" process's primary purpose for being seemed to be for running out the Fair Credit Billing Act clock, I went ahead and disputed with my bank and got the refund due me that way. I would have done the same thing with Amazon.

Comment Re:Downside to Prime (Score 1) 218

Do you have a link to this? I'd be interested in seeing what happened. Was it an actual pricing error--not that handling it that way would have been acceptable in any case? Were I to have been so affected, I would have just disputed the charge for the Prime membership as well.

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