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Comment: Re:Slashdot today. (Score 1) 142

by user flynn (#48762207) Attached to: Scientist Says Potential Signs of Ancient Life in Mars Rover Photos

Seven comments in, so far there's 4 jokes, 2 anti-us spam/trolls, and 1 crank. Quality discussion there.

Thanks for the informative, insightful post. You've really opened my eyes.

  Without your well written expose I'd still be reading those posts. I think we're all fortunate to have someone here with your hard hitting journalistic instincts.

Comment: Re:Wikipedia has something to say about this threa (Score 1) 452

by user flynn (#40981313) Attached to: Could You Hack Into Mars Curiosity Rover?

It will ceratainly expose your high profile hackers (that could be stealing rocket technology instead) and instantly turn the entire world against you. As a reward you'll get a low capacity computer 14 light minutes away, and some sensors that will be more usefull to you in the hands they are now.

Best K()rea doesn't read /.

Comment: Re:Scientific review (Score 1) 244

by user flynn (#40319305) Attached to: Why Groundwater Use May Not Explain Half of Sea-Level Rise


Whether or not it's mankind's fault...take a wild guess as to who has to do something about it?

    Anyways, it is mankind's fault in some sense, in another sense it's nature's for evolving humans without the ability or wherewithal to take care of shit they need to take care of.

    Nature forces us to build nice houses, air conditioners, HDTVs, etc. in order to live happy satisfactory lives. It's not like beer grows on trees. Likewise, if nature dictates that we have to do something about the shit we are spewing all over the world, we do have to do something. Then again, it's probably someone else's problem.

    It's not surprising that global warming deniers lie to get a free ride while others do the work to take care of the problem. It's pretty standard for leeches to pretend they aren't leeches (to themselves as well as others- they justify their behaviors so that they don't have to acknowledge the consequences).

    Just so you know, I think something is going to happen. Not sure what. Probably the power of stupid will win. :D But maybe not.

Comment: Re:What the fuck is this shit? (Score 1) 275

by user flynn (#40053079) Attached to: When I need a robust business solution, I prefer it ...

Businesses like to make their products seem more unique than they are, to make them seem to add more value than they do and to make it sound more important than it is; hence the buzzwords and nonsensical phrases.

Actually.... people who form social/business groups like to have their own unique slang. Are your 1337 are belong to us.

a few hints:
  difficulty: slang nazi failure: "are" replaces "all";
  grammar nazi failure: incorrect use of punctuation;
  emotional intelligence nazi failure: pointing out an emotional flame at 'annoying' slang from another group

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