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Comment: Re:Can't make a call from inside (Score 1) 337

by uranus65 (#34542230) Attached to: SatPhones — Why Can't They Make It Work?
A U.S. soldier recently, not the most recent, was awarded the Medal of Honor because his group was pinned down and he needed to call in help. He had to go out in the open to get a call through and knew he'd get the shit shot out of him. He did it anyway and got killed but I think the rest of his guys received help.

Comment: Re:More elementary particles than non-elementary (Score 2, Interesting) 271

by uranus65 (#32585590) Attached to: Fermilab Experiment Hints At Multiple Higgs Particles
What is it about a particle that makes it have a particular charge? What is charge fundamentally? Are these known things or just stupid questions on my part? It seems to me if two particles can be different (positive or negative) then they must consist of something smaller that makes them that way.

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