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Comment: Re:Did you just ... (Score 1) 265

by uptoeleven (#15961366) Attached to: Closer to Deducing the Origin of the Moon
You capitalize God.
In my religion I use G-d because it is forbidden to use the whole name of G-d as this is considered to be taking "his" name in vain. Even though that is not his name, we still use the hyphen out of respect. Tom-ey-to, tom-ah-to - let's call the whole thing off :)

Incidentally the use of "his" is also, in my opinion, misguided since G-d doesn't really have a gender, there was no gender-neutral article in ancient Hebrew / Aramaic / Greek.

When posting on slashdot I don't use he/she/it to be impish or insulting to THE LORD. I do it because the likelihood is that whoever reads what I write probably doesn't believe in G-d the same way I do and I have no wish to shove the nature and manner of my personal relationship with the universe's creator down anyone else's neck. I will probably be addressing some of the many people who don't believe in one god, or any god, and who, though they lead thoroughly morally upstanding lives, don't believe in G-d. They live on the same planet I do and deserve the same respect as anyone. And certainly when we are talking about explosions on the sun, using the technology we have to detect spectrographic signatures of the rocks on the moon, I suspect that my degree in Geology and interest in space science probably counts a lot more than my religion.

The discussion is about using a rather novel and interesting technique (which we have devised because we are capable of doing so because we've evolved that way or because we were created that way and made to look like we'd evolved that way it doesn't really matter, the end result is the same) to try to ascertain the origin of the moon / how G-d made the moon look as though it was made through some other process.

I am trying to be as inclusive as possible and am interested in understand the nature of what is out there. Why? Because it's interesting.

You seem to be interested in getting people to follow THE LORD - I imagine to save their souls. (the old "the only way to G-d is through me" thing, I imagine?) I'm picking up some sort of crusade on your part to save the unbelievers on slashdot. I'm sorry but my soul isn't up for saving right now and I don't know that any of the people reading your diatribe will be converted by how holy and fervent your faith is. "Don't do this, don't do that, this is insulting, that is disrespectful, this is how it happened even though the evidence is to the contrary" give it a break. Go back to being a human, to being humble. Go back to being a human - as made in G-d's image - let people be. Lead by dogma and dictat and people will try to wind you up just for a laugh. Lead by example and they'll follow you because they think you're really cool.

The end of labor is to gain leisure.