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Comment: Re:The good, the bad, and the ugly (Score 0) 459

by uprise78 (#34872270) Attached to: Is Samsung Blocking Updates To Froyo?
Duh. Of course they are. Do you think they released Android for you or so they can learn more about you to better target ads for you? They run a fucking business. It isn't a missionary. I wonder when/if all the fanboys will take off their "but it's open" Google Goggles and get with the picture.

Comment: Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 764

by uprise78 (#33084530) Attached to: To Ballmer, Grabbing iPad's Market Is 'Job One Urgency'
MS has the big wiener/little wiener syndrome. If they make software for the iPad than they are admitting defeat. What I don't understand is that why for the past decade+ tablets with OS's designed for mouse/keyboard have all failed. The iPad is arguably the first successful tablet and it runs a touch-based OS. Given this information, why would Win7 on a tablet be successful? Don't they have people at MS that are supposed to ask Ballmer this question?

Comment: Re:I Shouldn't Have to Jailbreak It in the 1st Pla (Score 1) 423

by uprise78 (#33032210) Attached to: Jailbreaking iPhone Now Legal
Oh god, here we go with the "everything should be open" talk. Just like all the RIM phones, right? And the Android phones you have to root? And the router you have to hack new firmware onto? You will never see a true open market and even if you did it most certainly wouldn't have superior technology. It's just not the way the world works man. Wake up!

Comment: Re:Did a bit of research already.... (Score 1) 195

by uprise78 (#32952720) Attached to: Windows Phone 7 Hits Technical Preview Milestone
VS2010 is a little bit better. Blend 3 is a little bit better too. Honestly, neither are actually good yet. VS2010's editor is now written in XAML/WPF which makes for some interesting white outs. I have beast of a computer with 12 Gigs of RAM running 64bit Win7 and the white outs are unavoidable. I think we still need more powerful computers if we are going to use XAML/WPF for our GUIs.

Comment: Re:Did a bit of research already.... (Score 0, Flamebait) 195

by uprise78 (#32951540) Attached to: Windows Phone 7 Hits Technical Preview Milestone
Easy, yes. But you're stuck in Silverlight (unless making a game)! What a pile of shit. It has already proven even with Microsoft's massive Silverlight push that it cant even beat the equally shitty Flash. Now they are forcing Silverlight into the mobile space? I guess they figured it will never gain traction on the desktop so why not force people to use it on mobile and maybe they will then decide to use it on the desktop... Maybe the ploy will work. Hopefully it wont. The last thing we need is shitty "developers" hacking together shitty mobile apps then releasing them as desktop apps and web apps. *shudders*

Comment: Re:cough (Score -1, Flamebait) 604

by uprise78 (#32767370) Attached to: The Ignominious Fall of Dell
Yet another typical /. fucking moron comment. Is everyone on this site an MS/Apple/Insert Company Fanboy/Hater? Apple didn't "cut support" for first gen iPhones and iTouches. They don't contain hardware capable of handling some features of the new iOS so they don't get them. That's nothing different than Doom 3 having a higher RAM/processor requirement than Doom 2. It's not like if you open the App Store you just won't get new stuff. Don't be a fucking moron and write shit that isn't true.

Comment: Re:Great News (Score 3, Insightful) 389

by uprise78 (#32759644) Attached to: EU Plans To Make Apple, Adobe and Others Open Up
Sometimes I wonder why I even read /. comments. They are so fucking predictable. First off, you don't have to pay Apple anything to make Mac apps (besides owning a Mac and honestly if you don't own and use a Mac you have not business developing for it). There is a paltry $99 per year fee to make iPhone/iPod/iPad apps but no one is forcing you to make iPhone apps. On a side note, you have to pay RIM, Palm and Google money if you want to get in their app stores as well so they must be "open technology abusers" as well. Here is some of Apple's open source code: Maybe you should download a few Gigs of source code before you start talking shit about something you don't know about. Apple makes iOS which is based on OS X and puts it on iPhones, iPads and iPods. They took their own OS (which I might add has a large amount of open source code in it and more coming at fairly steady intervals). Read that again, "they took their own OS". The OS they spent years making and invested tons of time/money into. They give every person who owns an OS X license a free copy of their entire development stack: Xcode, Interface Builder, Dashcode, Instruments, Quartz Composer, PackageMaker, FileMerge, etc, etc, etc. They arguable provide the most complete set of frameworks available for any platform (Cocoa/CoreFoundation) to developers. You can build a Mac or iPhone app with GCD (open source). Apple has provided piles of code to the GCD project. You can now build Mac and iPhone apps with LLVM (open source). Apple has provided piles of code to the LLVM project. So, given that information (and taking into account that Apple is a business that needs to make money to survive) why on earth do they need to allow someone to make Mac apps on Linux/Windows? You don't make any fucking sense man. None at all. Have you seen the cost of Microsoft's developer tools recently? And don't bother mentioning the "Express" versions of their software that don't allow commercial products. To sum things up, many readers of /. would like every company on earth to make everything "open and free" no matter what the cost to said company. If a company does not do this, they will get piles of complaints from slashdotters who wouldn't do anything different even if said company did make something "open".

"There is no statute of limitations on stupidity." -- Randomly produced by a computer program called Markov3.