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Comment: Old News With Smaller Error Bars (Score 1) 44

by upmufa (#43773617) Attached to: Dark Matter, WIMPS, and NASA's Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Data
The really silly thing about the dust-up with AMS is that the PAMELA experiment (later confirmed by Fermi) made the exact same measurement and is credited with the discovery. AMS just re-did it with smaller error bars. Here's the original PAMELA paper from 2009: (preprint here: ) The dark matter interpretation isn't even new. All AMS has brought is smaller error bars.

Comment: CO2 Emissions (Score 1) 562

by upmufa (#31235498) Attached to: Fuel Cell Marvel "Bloom Box" Gaining Momentum
It takes in hydrocarbons and oxygen and puts out energy? Am I a skeptic for thinking that this thing must be releasing lots of CO2? I cannot find any description of how it works. I have no doubt that it produces energy, but if it is producing gaseous CO2, it won't really help with the fundamental problem.

Comment: Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 505

by upmufa (#31072746) Attached to: Call For Scientific Research Code To Be Released
In the case of publicly-funded research, I'd first like to compel scientists to publish their work in a free-to-read format. Many journals do not make the articles available to the public. It seems a little wrong that public money goes to pay for research and then the results of the research -- the journal articles -- aren't available to the public.

+ - Final Draft of GPLv3 Allows Novell-Microsoft Deal->

Submitted by famicommie
famicommie (1118707) writes "All of Novell's fingernail biting has been for naught. In a stunning display of forgiveness and bridge building on behalf of the FSF, zdnet reports that the final draft of the GPLv3 will close the infamous MS-Novell loophole while allowing deals made prior to continue. From the article:
'The final, "last-call" GPLv3 draft bans only future deals for what it described as "tactical" reasons in a 32-page explanation of changes. That means Novell doesn't have to worry about distributing software in SLES that's governed by the GPLv3.'"

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Comment: Re:huh? (Score 1) 569

by upmufa (#12666107) Attached to: Revenge of the Sith Easter Eggs
When doing some physics (like quantum field theory) it is useful to adopt unit conventions where c=1. Using this convention, space and time would have same dimension. How long a time is 12 parsecs? It's the amount of time it takes light to travel 12 parsecs. In this unit system, speeds are dimensionless which might explain: "She'll make .5 past light speed."

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