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Comment Giving the customers what they want (Score 5, Insightful) 216

Excellent shows, commercial free, on demand, released one season at a time. At the same time I have watched some networks take a 30 minute time slot show and reduce the actual show from around 21-22 minutes to 17-18 minutes, making more time for commercials. I'll sit on my couch with my potato chips and watch the demise of network TV with delight.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 1) 564

Since they have hid them for this long, showing this 3 character code will not help as much as it would have if they never hid them in the first place. Thankfully people deal with a small set of extensions so I would imagine over time it would make some difference and just the concept of any .xxx.yyy is probably bad would help. I have been turning on where I can can see file extensions since they started hiding them, which honestly I do not remember when they started at this point.

Also.... Pinning stuff the start menu Quick Launch... The icons from Quick Launch do not move around on me, when I want to open Chrome the Icon isn't all the way on the left some times and some times in the middle. It hurts productivity. Yeah I turned it back on in Windows 7.. Just wondering if I will be able to in Windows 10.

Comment Re:Allied (Score 2) 242

My local stores as far as I know quit selling electronic components, like resistors, at the last time I went there.. All the isles were replaced with cell phone cases, remote controlled toys and other stuff. This was several years ago, I never went back looking for parts like that.. Now I am building stuff with a Raspberry PI, Audrenio, etc and I would have gone a few times if I thought there was a chance they had what I needed...

Comment Denial (Score 3, Insightful) 178

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, but as far as the damage caused from just nicotine vs smoking a cigarette there is a vast difference. While amazingly addictive the effects of the drug are not too different than caffeine in some aspects. I believe the bogeyman reference was to how many people assume nicotine causes cancer and all the things that cigarettes cause, where people who have done a little research know that is the tar, smoke and other chemicals not the nicotine. I am not saying nicotine is good for people by any means, but there isn't much of a comparison between it and smoking is all.

Comment Re: Rooting - (Score 1) 186

S4 here, it has KNOX. my bootloader is stock but I use safestrap and HyperDrive ROM. Normally with safe strap you still have your normal rom when you are done but I do not. I can put it back whenever I want if ever needed, remove safe strap, etc. As others have noted XDA Developers is a very good place to start.

Read up on your exact phone and version you have on the phone.. Honestly just rooting is usually pretty simple and easy removable. Replacing the whole ROM is not hard, but more involved.

Comment Re:"and they may be bought for their assets." (Score 1) 314

Mine tried to rename their self The Shack for a while and mainly seemed to be a cell phone store. Last time I went in there trying to get a resistor something similar they didn't carry them at all anymore. I quit going there and all I ever heard was people thinking they could get the cable or adapter they needed there and them not usually having it.

For me, good riddance. The days portrayed in the short circuit movie are long gone..

Comment Power Glove (Score 1) 105

I remember trying the power glove out for Nintendo.. It was terrible. But I figured out in Pinball Quest if I flipped off the TV the right flipper be triggered and if I did the up yours gesture it triggered the left flipper.

It was kinda like stuffing the wrong card in a computer, when you're stickin' those artificial stimulants in your arm. -- Dion, noted computer scientist