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Comment: My old phone probably got fried for this reason (Score 1) 352

by unne (#45412781) Attached to: The Second Operating System Hiding In Every Mobile Phone

Back in 2002 I used a Siemens "world phone" (capable of using the American GSM frequencies) that I had bought to be able to use it both in Sweden and in the US with Voicestream. This worked great, but shortly after T-Mobile purchased Voicestream, my phone started having random freezes which I felt sure was because of changes to their network and how it communicated with the phone. I complained about it to T-Mobile and simply got informed that they didn't "support" my phone. The freezes happened every two days or so, and the only fix was to remove the battery and put it back in for a reboot.

One day this must have happened during the night when the phone was charging. When I checked it in the morning it was completely dead, very very hot and never turned on again. Seems to me the freeze caused it to keep charging when it should have sensed a full charge and stopped.


+ - Olympus digital camera ships with computer worm->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Olympus Japan has issued a warning to customers who have bought its Stylus Tough 6010 digital compact camera that it comes with an unexpected extra — a virus on its internal memory card.

The Autorun worm cannot infect the camera itself, but if it is plugged into a Windows computer USB port it can copy itself onto the PC, and then subsequently infect any attached USB device. Olympus says it "humbly apologises" for the incident which is believed to have affected some 1700 units, and that it will make every effort to improve its quality control procedures in future.

Security company Sophos says that more companies need to wake up to the need for better quality control to ensure that they don't ship virus-infected gadgets. At the same time, consumers should learn to always ensure Autorun is disabled, and scan any device for malware, before they use it on their computer."

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+ - Spanish Judges Liken File Sharing to Lending Books->

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Dan Fuhry
Dan Fuhry writes "A judicial panel in the Provincial Court of Madrid has closed a case that has been running since 2005, ruling that the accused are not guilty of any copyright infringement on the grounds that their BitTorrent tracker did not distribute any copyrighted material, and they did not generate any profit from their site. The article notes, "[t]he judges noted that all this takes places between many users all at once without any of them receiving any financial reward." This implies that the judges are sympathetic to file sharers. The ruling essentially says that file sharing is the digital equivalent of lending, selling or sharing books or other media. Maybe it's time for all of them rowdy pirates to move to Spain?"
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+ - Cloth Successfully Separates Oil from Gulf Water->

Submitted by Chinobi
Chinobi (1828796) writes "Di Gao, an assistant professor at the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering in the Swanson School of Engineering has developed a method of separating oil from water within just seconds using a cotton cloth coated in a chemical polymer that makes it both hydrophilic (it bonds with the hydrogen molecules in water) and oleophobic (oil repellant), making it absolutely perfect for blocking oil and letting water pass through. Gao tested his filter successfully on Gulf Oil water and has an impressive video to show it. Check it out here."
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Comment: Re:New York (Score 1) 920

by unne (#30415676) Attached to: The best pizza I have ever had, I found ...

Patsy's Pizza - the real one, up in Harlem on 1st ave and 118th St, not the lame clones in other parts of the city.

Best Pizza anywhere, no room for discussion.

Sure, there's Grimaldi's, Lombardi's and so on, but those are for the tourists. If you've never had Patsys's, you simply have no idea what you've been missing

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