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Comment: Smart Phone is cheaper for me and less to carry (Score 1) 851

by unleashedgamers (#38464638) Attached to: Do You Really Need a Smart Phone?

I can use my simple phone for $73 a month where I live
- pay $80 for 20gb internet
- carry a camera that can take decent pics
- mp3 player that can hold enough music
- carry a map and compass
- notepad and a pen
I can use my smart phone for $80 a month with 6gb bandwidth

I normally use my smart phone because instead of carrying a backpack with all my stuff I carry it in my pocket, although for going 10km+ around where I live I take my simple phone (and everything else) because there is no network and I'd break/lose them one at a time than all gone at once in the middle of nowhere.

I am considering buying an satellite phone for use where I bring my simple phone so I can actually use it and will be able to phone for help if I ever needed to.

Comment: Use stuff around the building (Score 1) 865

by unleashedgamers (#28549011) Attached to: Staying In Shape vs. a Busy IT Job Schedule?

When I worked in an office I thought I wouldn't be able to work out that much but I ended up finding ways.

- When walking through a hallway that you cant be seen well thats perfect for situps, pushups and jumping jacks, anyone comes by just think up something funny.
- If there's a door where everyone smokes have a "smoke break" (but dont) go out the door and run a few laps when your not crazy busy.

Thats a couple I did, be creative and find a few that work for you.

Comment: Re:Filesharing as advertising... (Score 1) 458

by unleashedgamers (#27641543) Attached to: Reflections On the Less-Cool Effects of Filesharing

This is exactly what happened with me and my favorite band, I now own all the albums and also went to see them 4 times last year (one time spent over $1000 on tickets *$60 each* for friends that I have converted and for that also got to meet the band)

Also now have about 6 band shirts.

Had I not downloaded a couple albums I wouldn't have bought the merch or went to the concerts.

Comment: Re:I just bought an 8core Xeon w/64GB RAM (Score 1) 495

by unleashedgamers (#27188723) Attached to: What Does a $16,000+ PC Look Like, Anyway?

IT is done around the budget first.

They may not require fail over, a few hours of downtime may cost less than having it setup for fail over (x2 the cost or more).

Though I'd at least have the old hardware setup as needed for providing some basic fail over without having dupe systems

Desktops (Apple)

Apple Mac Mini 1TB Upgrade — Not Easy But Possible 95

Posted by timothy
from the check-out-that-hot-centerfold dept.
designperfection9 writes "The new Mac mini is all well and good, but anybody hoping for gobfuls of extra capacity will come away disappointed. Apple's entry-level mini gets 120GB of storage, and it costs $175 to take that up the official 320GB maximum. Happily iFixit decided to step in and take matters into their own hands, with a nine-page pictorial guide to fitting your Mac mini with 1TB of storage." They're also offering a kit to accomplish the same end for $250 — that seems high to me now that 1TB external drives can be had for quite a bit less, and require no putty-knife action to install.

Comment: Re:Windows is Open source on Balckhat sites alread (Score 1) 674

by unleashedgamers (#26809155) Attached to: How To Argue That Open Source Software Is Secure?

Well, you can also have access to Windows source if you have in the thousands of CALs and to many licenses to count with the enterprise technet account and you harass your rep whom is in good standing you can sometimes be shown the source.
(And you need to sign more NDA's than I ever thought existed)

but the $20 is much more affordable than the millions required to do it the other way.

Comment: Re:the acorn becomes the mighty oak...yeah yeah (Score 1) 583

by unleashedgamers (#26766219) Attached to: Microsoft May Be Targeting the Ubuntu Desktop

Well... when upgrading Windows it can work but your going to spend quite a bit of time.

I've moved Outlook data from Windows to Linux (Thunderbird) with way less effort than Outlook to Outlook.

I'd classify both of them out of the skills of a normal computer user though.

Comment: Re:Yeah... Ok (Score 1) 623

by unleashedgamers (#26753795) Attached to: Utah Mulls a Database of Bar Customers

I really have to agree with your last part

Even though lethal injection is probably much more painful than a noose or a firing squad, it's easier to watch.

Although I'm not the slightest bit afraid of needles, nor do I try to be really "manly" I'd much rather take the firing squad than lethal injection. It's just *DEAD* rather than *oh here it comes I'm starting to feel something DEAD*

Comment: Re:Teachers are 'slow' anyway (Score 1) 440

by unleashedgamers (#26666125) Attached to: Teachers Need an Open Source Education

I'd say no I don't think they would be but my grandma that recently turned 80 is a freakin whiz with computers, she never needs any hand holding while using the computer and knows most programs inside out only having had a computer about 10 years (compared to my parents whom have owned computers for well over 20 years and still have no idea how to do anything).

"Mach was the greatest intellectual fraud in the last ten years." "What about X?" "I said `intellectual'." ;login, 9/1990