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Comment: Re:Was it President Ahmadinejad? (Score 1) 425

by unixguy98 (#42778201) Attached to: Iran Says It Sent Monkey Into Space and Back
No, the death of Ned Agha-Soltan is widely disputed.
I should also mention that dehumanization of Muslims is a nasty policy and that has nothing to do with criticism. It's used a part of harassment policy that Muslims face in the west and also a tool for covering up everyday killings of Muslim civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other countries. When they are call animals (monkeys, etc) who cares about many of them who are killed by US attacks everyday by various weapons ranging from rifles to missiles and drones.

Comment: Re:Was it President Ahmadinejad? (Score 1) 425

by unixguy98 (#42778133) Attached to: Iran Says It Sent Monkey Into Space and Back
The same is true for Barack Obama and his spouse Michelle Obama; They have been many times depicted as monkeys. As you may know, Google apologized for Michelle Obama monkey picture.
Part of it is due to perceived physical resemblance, and part due to the belief that he doesn't actually wield independent power but is just AIPAC "trained pet."

Comment: Re:that will make RMS happy? (Score 1) 152

by unixguy98 (#42335493) Attached to: Open Hardware and Software Laptop
According to RMS, Android is NOT free software, and this is because of nasty policies of google to misuse free software.

Is Android really free software?
The version of Linux included in Android is not entirely free software, since it contains non-free "binary blobs" (just like Torvalds' version of Linux), some of which are really used in some Android devices. Android platforms use other non-free firmware, too, and non-free libraries. Aside from those, the source code of Android versions 1 and 2, as released by Google, is free software – but this code is insufficient to run the device. Some of the applications that generally come with Android are non-free, too.
Android is very different from the GNU/Linux operating system because it contains very little of GNU.

Richard Stallman,Guardian

Also, Google deliberately delays in publishing source code, and with all of these, it is shameful for Google to call Android "free software".

Comment: Only 712 games?! (Score -1) 199

by unixguy98 (#42247461) Attached to: Own Every SNES Game Ever Made For $24,999
After all, it's only 721 games. When you can download "6666 games|Nintendo NES-SNES-Sega-GBA-Atari-Arcade ROMs+emulator" just by knowing this alphanumeric string: "4bfd5de335c0840e19662784e086553541e0ce28" who cares about stupid collectors?
But, hey, wait! If there is only 721 SNES games ever made, why there is "758 Snes Roms + An Snes Emuator" in the hand of pirates with the plate number of "0817BB205C8DD8AF6AB5BB23D81DA90DCEED9CF5"? Liars! Shame on you!

Comment: So, what? (Score 1) 232

by unixguy98 (#42245465) Attached to: Playstation Controller Runs Syrian Rebel Tank
So, what? They are good terrorists? Rebels torture pro-Assad people, kill them by hundreds of Ak-47 bullets. Watch this please. Considering active position of Al-Qaeda between rebels, they're far from being guys who deserve sympathy.
They even have Stinger missiles, so pretending their firepower comes from garbages in junkyard and playstations morphed into next generation warefare is total hypocrisy. Let's hope CIA does not create another Taliban, this time in Syria.

Comment: Re:Newsflash: This is not an achievement (Score 1) 219

by unixguy98 (#42191969) Attached to: Iran Claims To Have Downed Another US Drone
Iran captured and seized the drones, not downed them. So It has access to the cutting edge technologies used to create sophisticated drones. You don't care about this fact? For sure it does not have a positive effect on US domestic economy. And, also it is wrong to call RQ-170 , "an incredibly slow flying, cheap, pilotless, unstealthed drone". It is the drone captured by Iran in 2011.

Comment: Re:Not a programmer (Score 1) 193

by unixguy98 (#42191743) Attached to: Iran Suspends Programmer's Death Sentence

IOW, [citation needed]

His pornographic website was seized by Iranian legal authorities in march 2009, but , a US-based Internet archiving has snapshots of the original website. I don't like to link directly to the slut website. You can access it by going to Internet Archive Wayback Machine , input the name of his website (A-v-i-z-o-o-n- dot com, remove -) and see archives before 15 Mar 2009. You will clearly see Powered by MT at the bottom of the pages, which is linked to MovableType software website .

So, the claims that he was a programmer and is being punished because of writing a computer program for the website is clearly wrong.

Comment: Facts, not movies (Score 3, Insightful) 193

by unixguy98 (#42167165) Attached to: Iran Suspends Programmer's Death Sentence
I once watched a video clip of an American helicopter killing a crowd of people, because one of them had a camera in his hand. And it was not a clip from a movie, just like what you've watched. It was a clip from recordings of the Apache helicopter, that was later named Collateeral Murder by Julian Assange.
So, let's talk about facts, not movies.

Comment: Not a programmer (Score 3, Insightful) 193

by unixguy98 (#42167137) Attached to: Iran Suspends Programmer's Death Sentence
He's not a programmer, and he was not involved in any dating site. He had a site called Avizoon (means SLUT in english). Have you heard of a "dating website" with such name? He was involved in child pornography, abusing private images and films stoled from people's computer using several hired men, and now his lawyer claims he's a programmer!
Let's look at what he calims Malekpour has written: A Perl/PHP program called: Movable Type . As far as I know an American company with the name of Six Apart is the developer, and not a stupid porn distributor called Malekpour. See this screenshot from his website.

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