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Comment Isn't the R for redundancy? (Score 0) 175

The IRS is an evil entity spawned by crooks who only want to pay off their lobbyist cohorts for political payola and apply pork barrel pandering to their constituents. Even worse, it seems to be managed by those who have no idea how to set up a computer system. Instead of a complex tax code and an IRS, set a percentage of a wage and make everyone pay. That's the only fair way to do it. Those who make more will pay more.

Comment Not Really (Score 0) 532

Nobody is anonymous on the internet. Ok, maybe I should say most are not anonymous. The reason? Everyone has a MAC address. While it can be changed, and probably is when someone is acting nefariously, most people have no idea what it is. So, like outlawing firearms, making a law to ban "anonymous Internet access" would only hurt law abiding citizens. I will certainly add more complexity to ISPs and that will trickle down to users in some way that probably won't be pleasant.

Comment Re:What about diminishing returns? (Score 1) 279

Why not offer the tractor bare, with no locked operating system? The farmer could then choose what software he wants to run his machine, once it becomes available. Sure, the manufacturer would offer their own OS but if the hardware was well documented, so could competition. It only makes sense, if the manufacturer wants to lock up their ECU with copyright law then the law should also compel manufacturers to provide documentation, just like they always have, for others to write code to run their machines. As far as emissions go, the hardware could be designed with limitations to minimize the machine's ability to pollute.

Comment Humans are still a problem (Score 1) 146

I get the hype over cars that can tell you what's wrong or that may be able to self drive. However, until all cars are self-driving and no human can thwart the system, I'll take my chances doing my own driving. In addition, I don't care how often the car tells me it's time for brakes or tires or whatever, until I actually drive the thing into the service department and shell out the cash to repair it, it does nobody any good. That's what's scary. How long before the car shuts itself down or the government mandates repair rules and demands everyone upload their telemetry to the DMV for safety inspections? No, I'll stick with my mid 70's cracker box with points and condenser for an ignition and no connectivity plug.

Comment What a waste.... (Score 2) 143

Yucca Mountain cost more than $96B dollars so far. I just read an article stating that the spent nuclear fuel is fine where it is, cooling in the ponds local to the reactors. So which is it? Do we need to spend another $96B, or more, and then not use that facility too? Is shipping nuclear waste to some repository far away safe and cost effective?

Comment First and Second Amendments (Score 1) 585

You can't have free speech without the means to defend it so the first and second amendments are tied together closely. There is a group that would like to get rid of the second amendment but, in order to do that, they must negate the need for it and this is clearly their first attempt at suppressing free speech. What surprises me is that it's getting traction at colleges. These institutions should be the last bastion of freedom. However, most public colleges are funded by their states and when a lawmaker gets a wild hair for something the college is doing, that funding becomes in jeopardy. I just saw it happen in my state with the university hospital and Planned Parenthood. Suddenly a relationship that had been good for years was dissolved because a politician could put enough pressure on the university to make it happen.

Comment Pre School (Score 3, Informative) 445

If we back away from simply looking at gifted programs and look at the entire school experience, including English Language Learners (where English is a second language) or supplemental reading programs and even free and reduced price lunches, we find that all kids are getting their fair share of unbiased attention. Also, being in a gifted program is tough. Kids will shy away from the tough classes if they are concerned that it will negatively affect their GPA and possibly a scholarship. As a school board member, I just had a debate with middle and high school students about this very issue. GPA is king at college admissions and risking it just to say you were in a gifted class doesn't appeal to many students.

Comment Coke is good! (Score 1) 133

I am 53 and obese. Think Cartman from South Park large. I didn't get this way from drinking Coke and eating donuts. I got my excess weight from overeating and drinking lots of beer. I do enjoy a Coke now and then. While not a cure, it always helps a hangover. My point is, I don't care if Coke is good or bad for me because I only drink it once every couple of months when I feel like it. This obsession with demonizing anything that could possibly be bad for us is crazy. Do people abuse Coke, sure, just like I used to abuse beer. But that's their problem. Anyone who is dumb enough to not take a close look at what they put in their mouths deserves whatever comes their way, me included. By the way, I am eating healthy now, working out and I have all but stopped drinking beer. Leaving the beer alone was tough but I feel so much better.

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