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Comment: Too bad (Score 0) 125

This is what happens in a country that takes their citizens right to bear arms away. Higher taxes to better support government bloat is first, next it will be further intrusion into personal lives and jailing people without due process. At some point Australians will be slaves to their government and they won't even know it.....
I know what you are thinking; that's all happening in the US too. At least here in the US we will be able to gather our guns and shut it down when we get tired of it.

Comment: Totally Wrong (Score 1) 634

by unixcorn (#49567975) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

Why is it, that after nearly 40 years in the workplace, I have never seen any of the things this article presupposes as reasons why women's numbers are lower in the engineering community? Call me blind if you will but I work with several engineers who are women and they seem to get along just fine.
This is just annoying, feel-good, liberal crap. Women's numbers will never increase because most want a family at some point in their lives.

Comment: Re:republicrats (Score 1) 209

by unixcorn (#49535545) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance

Certainly the blessed Democrats are not complicit in this at all. I mean they have rallied to get rid of the Patriot Act, right? Oh wait, no they haven't, not even our President who compromised on government snooping oversight and totally bailed on his campaign promise. I loathe people who want to just throw blame. Oh and you are a pussy and a douche bag for posting anonymously.

Comment: Dubious (Score 4, Insightful) 686

by unixcorn (#49535411) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden

I am well beyond millennial status and I approve of what Snowden did so I am not sure I believe the survey results. While I do approve, I also wrestle with the fact that he broke the law and put Americans in jeopardy. That makes me wonder how the questions were asked. I mean I can certainly dislike someone but approve of what they did.

Comment: Re:You no longer own a car (Score 1) 649

by unixcorn (#49519053) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars

To continue your point, the automakers are hamstrung by government compliance rules like California's CARB or ridiculous Federal mandates that require an entire manufacturers fleet to meet certain mileage goals. Safety requirements are another mandated and expensive area where manufacturers pretty much eat the cost of compliance. Manufacturers invest billions to meet those requirements through R&D and software, so it just makes sense they should try to protect what little magic they create. Additionally, warranty work directly caused by consumer mods can be expensive.
What we need to have is legislation that clearly defines who is liable when a consumer modifies their vehicle along with a foolproof way to prove it.

Comment: Re:Properly Represented (Score 1) 148

Nothing would please me more. I went to vocational school and have been turned away by several employers because I don't have a degree. My personal opinion is that college is a business that has effectively promoted itself into being necessary for survival. Certainly someone with 20+ years of experience should be allowed to teach within their field, shouldn't they?

Comment: Properly Represented (Score 1) 148

As a school board member in my community, I know that we would like our teachers to closely represent our district demographics. Our district is a combination of urban, suburban and rural so it's a challenge to maintain these numbers even though we have a university in town churning out new teachers. The fact of the matter is, people of color are not choosing education as a major and if they are, they are being hired right out of college by larger districts.
For the record, I think the premise of the article is outrageous and most likely wrong. While I do believe kids need mentors, I also believe those folks can be anyone who cares. Kids can relate to whomever as long as an effort is made to understand their situations and any judgements are withheld.

Comment: Re:Nice idea but (Score 1) 185

Grid batteries have to be flexible. That means discharging rates from slow to fast. Lithium batteries offer that sort of performance and they offer good storage performance for their size. Typically batteries described here come in a normal shipping container. The electronics are built in and one only needs to connect them to their own management system. The batteries can be used to augment the grid during high load times or they may be called upon to discharge in seconds during a planned switch from one power station to another thus keeping the lights on. In any case, the batteries offer additional flexibility for whatever power generating circumstances operators must deal with.

Comment: Re:Politics aside for a moment. (Score 5, Insightful) 538

Nobody is talking about Republicans, their crimes or what they will do. Let's not project on Republicans what the Democrats do daily with their own special version of vitriol and rancor. Let's face it, besides Fox News and Al Jazera, you can't tune into a news program that isn't controlled by the left wing. So no reason to even try and deflect here. Hillary is a liar and a cheat and a good one at that. I thought she made a good Secretary of State, just for the record.

Comment: Robots are better... (Score 1) 389

by unixcorn (#49073513) Attached to: What To Do After Robots Take Your Job

Robots are better than humans at certain tasks and typically make a product more consistent and reliable. However, I am not sure if world filled with machines doing all the work would be a utopia or a dystopia. On the other hand, maybe by mechanizing we can bring industries back to the US that left for cheap labor. And, of course someone has to fix the machines.

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