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Comment: Yes, they are (Score 1) 477

by unixcorn (#46714055) Attached to: New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

I want the flexibility to make my own rules with my employer. Sure, I am on call but I make $40K more than my peers so, to me, it's worth it. I also expect to go home at night and order from 24/7 websites so I am guessing other employers require some of their workers to be on call like me. It's not perfect but I own it, not some government douche who thinks he is doing me a favor.

Comment: Look out cable and satellite providers. (Score 1) 323

While I admit that Netflix and the like aren't perfect, I can easily justify three or four of them at $8-$10 per month instead of the $150 I current pay for my satellite service. My current service has 300 channels of shit and the movie channels run the same movies over and over. At my house we constantly joke about Dantes Peak being on at least 5 times per month. So yeah, there is much to be desired and when the studios get beyond their greed and figure it out, we will have a better system.

Comment: Campaign Promises (Score 1) 234

by unixcorn (#46592117) Attached to: Anti-Game-Violence Legislator Arrested, Faces Gun Trafficking Charges

As a candidate for a local school board, I decided not to accept any money for my campaign. Easy to do in a local election, I get enough exposure in the paper and at candidate forums, but not so easy to do on a state or national level. We have created a system where, it seems, the more dollars a candidate can raise the better their chances of getting elected. Let's stop the madness and make it illegal to take any (or spend any) money for a campaign. Rely on media coverage as they must give equal time and allow a personal website and whatever other social media that is free. That would certainly eliminate the temptation to do what Yee did and might help to bring in new blood.

Comment: Candidate (Score 1) 392

by unixcorn (#46543303) Attached to: The Myth of the Science and Engineering Shortage

I am running for a school board seat in my local community. I am a vocational school graduate with around 25 years of experience in the IT/Programming field. I have been a network guy and a DBA and I can code. I am running against college graduates who continuously tout what this article is trying to refute so it was a refreshing read. After reading the comments as well, I am left wondering why, as the article states, would there be a cycle of over training in the first place? Also, how would I use this in my campaign effectively? STEM is the rage, along with the achievement gap, so how best to articulate this without coming off as a loon?

Comment: We do this already (Score 5, Insightful) 914

A convicted felon, even once they serve their sentence, is still a pariah in the US. Their record follows them so they can't get jobs, they are shunned by society and in some cases they are put on lists so neighbors can keep their kids away from them. I think we do a pretty good job of torturing criminals for their entire lives, while we wonder why the recidivism rate is so high. As a caveat, I have to say that our "correctional" institutions probably don't do much real correction so the guys on the lists probably need a watchful eye on them.

Comment: Why pay more? (Score 1) 578

by unixcorn (#46473631) Attached to: White House: Get ACA Insurance Coverage, Launch Start-Ups

We get that you love your government funded health care. That's great. Unfortunately, as a citizen of the US, my opinion is that I favor private medical care with zero government intrusion. As a free man, I am able to make my own way and make my own decisions relative to my body and health. Why should I have to pay for someone who doesn't give a shit about their body? Smokers, heavy drinkers, drug addicts, all would be covered under a government sponsored policy. So all my hard work; going to the gym, eating healthy, moderating means nothing to my bottom line because I am stuck funding some asshole who simply wants to take. So who is the greedy one here, me or the jerk I have to subsidize? As an aside, let's analyze Social Security. I am 51 years old and all I have heard for the last 20 years of my working life is that I probably won't see a dime. If our government can't run a simple retirement program without fucking it up, how are we supposed to trust them with trillions in medical care dollars? Can you imagine the expense of managing that? I shudder every time I think about it.

Comment: Bullshit (Score 1) 357

by unixcorn (#46275375) Attached to: US Plunges To 46th In World Press Freedom Index

This isn't funny. The US is still free despite our speeding toward socialism as our current regime completely ignores rules of law. Your tired rhetoric about CEO's or the rich shows just how ignorant you are in your understanding of the real world. The only thing separating rich from poor today is confidence in the system. The fact that both rich and poor are still investing, working and going about their daily business shows that we still believe in the system. The alternative isn't pretty and probably means a collapse of our infrastructure. At that point suddenly a food cache becomes wealth and all the walls and expensive shit won't be worth a damn if you're hungry.

Comment: Who is it really costing? (Score 1) 133

by unixcorn (#46120403) Attached to: Feds Grab 163 Web Sites, Snatch $21.6 Million In NFL Counterfeit Gear

From the article: "Counterfeit goods cost the global economy an estimated $250 billion each year. More than 1.2 million jobs in New Jersey, 900,000 jobs in Colorado and 1.2 million in the state of Washington depend on IP intensive industries meaning counterfeits have a direct impact on the economy in the home states of both teams and the host of the Super Bowl."
How, exactly, do people purchasing a good cost the world economy anything? Someone makes a product and another person buys it, viola, you have an economy where none was before. What they really need to say is that counterfeit goods are costing some rich sports agent and their marketing team who prey on the simpletons who elevate athletes to superstar status. That would be the truth.

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