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Comment: Re: Chicken Little Russian saying nonsence (Score 1) 278 278

Ah yes, the ability to trust. Tell that to my aging parents who live with me because social security is inadequate. Just another great promise of the government you feel I should trust implicitly. And certainly I should trust anyone who is looking for their next research grant and needs to prop up something as big as climate change too.

Comment: Chicken Little (Score -1, Troll) 278 278

It's hard to trust anyone who's work is disseminated by the government or media today. Research and reports are spun mercilessly for the gain of whoever needs it. It may not be scientist's fault but when you hear something like "the sky is falling" and then hear it refuted over and over, one starts to take things with a grain of salt. Take, for example, Global Cooling back in the 1970's. That was refuted with Global Warming in the 2000's and now it's simply Global Climate Change which seems to be a catch-all. I don't deny GCC but I certainly want to see the data. What's the old adage that Regan grabbed from the Russian's; "Trust but Verify" I think was it.

Comment: Roads (Score 1) 88 88

"...how initial concern over an asteroid strike wasn't sustained long enough to establish consistent funding..."

I would be much happier if we could sustain concern over our infrastructure like roads and bridges and forget about something that will probably never happen in our lifetimes or our great grand children's lifetimes.

Comment: Back end (Score 2) 142 142

Correct me if I am wrong but stealing thousands or millions of records through an accessible UI doesn't seem feasible to me. If the data itself had been encrypted, even if the thiefs had access to the storage directly, they would have been stealing encrypted files. Maybe encryption isn't the holy grail but I would sure feel better knowing my data wasn't readable after downloading. I mean make them work for it anyway.

Comment: Too bad (Score 0) 125 125

This is what happens in a country that takes their citizens right to bear arms away. Higher taxes to better support government bloat is first, next it will be further intrusion into personal lives and jailing people without due process. At some point Australians will be slaves to their government and they won't even know it.....
I know what you are thinking; that's all happening in the US too. At least here in the US we will be able to gather our guns and shut it down when we get tired of it.

Comment: Totally Wrong (Score 1) 634 634

Why is it, that after nearly 40 years in the workplace, I have never seen any of the things this article presupposes as reasons why women's numbers are lower in the engineering community? Call me blind if you will but I work with several engineers who are women and they seem to get along just fine.
This is just annoying, feel-good, liberal crap. Women's numbers will never increase because most want a family at some point in their lives.

Comment: Re:republicrats (Score 1) 209 209

Certainly the blessed Democrats are not complicit in this at all. I mean they have rallied to get rid of the Patriot Act, right? Oh wait, no they haven't, not even our President who compromised on government snooping oversight and totally bailed on his campaign promise. I loathe people who want to just throw blame. Oh and you are a pussy and a douche bag for posting anonymously.

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