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by uniquename72 (#46233105) Attached to: Ohio Attempting To Stop Tesla From Selling Cars, Again

The GOP has been fractured by a bunch of progressive lefts that pretend to be conservative. (Boehner, etc).

I love how today's Republicans pretend to worship Ronald Reagan, while calling any existing Reagan Republican a RINO.

Reagan raised taxes and the minimum wage when it was good for the economy, allowed fairly easy immigration for illegals already in the country, and happily met with the leaders of enemy states. Today, even talking about any of these things would have Fox News frothing at the mouth.

Obama is to the right of Reagan on a host of issues, and still we get whining from today's Republicans.

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Your question implies a false equivalency -- one that's pushed by the telecoms in the U.S.

While it's true that the US has much few people per square mile, that's because most people live in cities. There's absolutely no reason that our major cities (at least) can't match the internet speeds of any other similarly sized place in the world.

New Yor City has 27,532 people per square mile. Vegas isn't even that dense and has nearly 4300 people per square mile.

Slow connection speeds in US cities have nothing at all to do with population density.

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by uniquename72 (#44977183) Attached to: Arrest Made In Webcam Highjacking Extortion Case
Want to protect marriage? Make divorce illegal. (Oh wait, Republicaans would never do that. But conservatives would.)
Want to greatly reduce abortions? Make contraception & sex ed easy to get. (Oh wait, Republicaans would never do that. But conservatives would.)
Want fewer people on welfare? Make a realistic job training program. (Oh wait, Republicaans would never do that. But conservatives would.)

This (along with a love of running up ridiculous deficits) is why, as a conservative, I can never, ever vote Republican. Instead, I'm stuck with the shitty centrists the Democrats nominate.

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by uniquename72 (#44371777) Attached to: Apple Profit Falls 22% But iPhone Sales Are Up

we could see a big market crash again, perhaps worse than ever before.

That's over a hundred years away. People said in the '70s that growth was going to stop and we'd all be eating dirt. It didn't happen. Why? Because the world doesn't just consist of the U.S. and Europe. Massive growth in Japan, China, and India over the past 5 decades has fueled greater earnings on Wall Street than ever before.

So what happens when we can't count on growth from Asia? Nothing -- we still have Africa and South America for cheap labor, a rising consumer class, and vast (mostly untapped) resources. And this doesn't even take into account any new technologies that could further reduce corporate expenses (substantially cheaper energy, for example).

So yes, eventually additional growth will be impossible, and the system will collapse (unless we've moved substantially away from our current system). But we'll all be long dead by then.

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