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Comment: Re:Consumers are right (Score 1) 207

by ducomputergeek (#46835269) Attached to: Consumers Not Impressed With 3D Printing

That's just it. It's a niche tool for certain industries, specially design and engineering firms, who spend a day doing the CAD specs and can let something print over night to see if the latest revision of a design will work in a prototype. For those industries it's a godsend. I can see some garage inventor wanting one to tinker around with. For those purposes it's exactly the right tool for the job.

But for stuff that I often need around the house, it's easier and quicker to run up to the store for me than to print it myself.

Comment: Re:Wikipedia - the last defense of the clueless. (Score 1) 151

by Shakrai (#46834859) Attached to: Asteroid Impacts Bigger Risk Than Thought

Really dude? You're going to adopt a smug superior attitude regarding Wikipedia while providing no sources whatsoever to validate your own claim?

Here's a non-Wikipedia source if that makes you feel better. Feel free to refute my claim with actual facts instead of smug superiority.

Comment: Re:Wrong Number on Little Boy (Score 1) 151

by Shakrai (#46827133) Attached to: Asteroid Impacts Bigger Risk Than Thought

From Wikipedia: At 11:01, a last-minute break in the clouds over Nagasaki allowed Bockscar's bombardier, Captain Kermit Beahan, to visually sight the target as ordered. The Fat Man weapon, containing a core of about 6.4 kg (14 lb) of plutonium, was dropped over the city's industrial valley at 32.77372N 129.86325E. It exploded 47 seconds later at 1,650 ft (503 m), ± 33 ft (10 m), above a tennis court halfway between the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works in the south and the Mitsubishi-Urakami Ordnance Works (Torpedo Works) in the north. This was nearly 3 km (1.9 mi) northwest of the planned hypocenter; the blast was confined to the Urakami Valley and a major portion of the city was protected by the intervening hills.

Comment: Sensational Summary is Sensational (Score 0) 330

by CajunArson (#46825465) Attached to: Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

Areo would like for all of us to buy into their fairy tale that their service == the entire cloud, but it was blatantly obvious from the oral arguments (that the submitter likely never listened to or would even comprehend if he had) that the justices were going out of their way to make sure that any ruling would not have an impact on services like Drop Box where the service itself has nothing to do with the content being "cloud" stored.

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