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Yes, these are concerns.

I do live in the US where they track the heck out of everyone anyway. However, I actually came from a communist country where there is much fear of the government and people are afraid to speak up. People who do have been known to disappear, etc.

What really bugs me is the common retort "if you have nothing to hide..." Well, why not just strip search everyone (which they basically do at airports), or put a police officer in everyone's house. Or stick a chip in everyone, or start tracking people's thoughts....

All that being said... there's nothing like a Mercedes V8. Can't get it w/o the tracking. Also if my wife or I were in an accident or an emergency it would help. The concierge service (where you can call in and get directions, etc.) is also very useful for someone like me that travels a lot.

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So have my last two cars. My newest vehicle (CLS 550) does have a "valet" feature that will alert you via email or text if it leaves an area you set. Mercedes can also track its location, supposedly.

Definitely scary stuff, though as I'm one of those people who hates having things in my pockets and almost always leave my wallet in the car. Of course, I can see it from my office window and my house/garage are alarmed.

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The points you make are mostly related to SharePoint 2007. SharePoint Foundation 2010 installs almost too easily on Windows 2008 R2. there is a like two click prerequisite installer and another similar easy installer for SharePoint itself. It's like a 1 on a difficulty scale of 1 to 10. Then throw in Search ServerExpress 2010 with a super easy install that integrates wi SP and crawls and indexes your file servers and bam, you have some serious just about FREE capabilities. Also third party tools are no longer needed to store files outside of SharePoints MSSQL database. It can be done easily with MSSQL's FILESTREAM feature. Granted setting up Kerberos takes about an extra 15 minutes, but you gain a lot of ease of use for end users.

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Can RDP be set to mix remote applications with locally running ones?

Windows (with either a terminal server or the newer Remote Desktop Services) can do this beautify. I use it all the time for various programs and forget that they're running in a data center far away. Lots of times they run faster if I'm on a slower laptop or working remotely. For example a line-of-business app that needs to hit a data base server that's in the data center. It's pretty nice.

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