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Comment Re:Tough environments (Score 1) 168

Wow, that would be scary.

I remember one time about 10 years ago we got a handful of new HP servers in and were going through the burn-in process. Quite literally, apparently, as one of them had a RAID controller who's capacitors exploded quite violently setting off fire alarms and making us run for fire extinguishers when when we fired it up. (pun intended..).

Comment Re:Just starting now? (Score 1) 373

Note that I do not have a pilot's license but I have maybe 550 flights in the last couple years and deal with aircraft (mostly smaller turbines) a lot. Yes, you don't want to be heavy over the tail especially. In a worst case it could cause a stall. You want weight distributed as evenly as possible and, if you have to choose, be heaviest around the wings on most aircraft.

Comment Re:perforce (Score 1) 343

With an Office 365 subscription that start at I think $8/mo per person you get SharePoint, Lynch, Office (always the latest version), Exchange, OneDrive and more. So you can I'm not the biggest proponent due to privacy and storing things in MS's cloud, but a lot of companies that are on it really like it and it's relatively easy to use. It's designed to do exactly what OP is asking and works anywhere not just in the Office. Make sure, however, to read the privacy and third party access docs. They are HIPAA/HITECH compliant and will provide a partner agreement for it.

Comment Re: Dupe (Score 1) 840

The "Super" Walmart by my house has a Walmart-branded oil change and tire place attached to it. I think they do brakes too. You can shop while they do the work on your car (good to have an appointment).

Aside from a Walmart grocery and drug store, they also have a pizza place, sub shop, optometrist, health clinic, barber shop, and maybe something I'm forgetting. It's good and bad as they've driven other places out of our small town.